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Snowberry, snowberry Saplings, ornamental shrubs buy in Kuyigenzhar
Buy Snowberry, snowberry Saplings, ornamental shrubs
Snowberry, snowberry Saplings, ornamental shrubs

Snowberry, snowberry Saplings, ornamental shrubs

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Snowberry, listopadny bush up to 1,5 m high, with roundish krone and long thin escapes. Leaves are simple, ovoid or almost roundish, smooth - edged, sometimes retuse and bladed to cm length, green from above and gray from below. Small pink flowers are collected in the dense clustery inflorescences located on all escape and doing bush despite the small sizes of flowers, very elegant. Blossoms plentifully and for a long time, and on escapes it is possible to see not only the blossomed flowers, but also the ripened fruits — baccate, spherical, to 1 cm in the diameter, white, very elegant, juicy, long keep on escapes, decorating plants even after subsidence of leaves. Grows quickly, it is unpretentious to cultivation conditions, is photophilous, prefers chalk soils. Well transfers hairstyle, molding and conditions of the city. Well and quickly breeds layers, stem cuttings, division of bush and seeds. The seeds which are dried up to air - dry state store in densely corked vessels, cellophane or paper packages in the dry not heated room or in the refrigerator no more than a year. It is better to carry out crops in the fall after collecting. It is used for single and group landings, in hedges and borders. In culture since 1879. The nursery "Red Yar" is engaged in production and implementation of saplings of trees and bushes for open ground. You will find more than 100 names of trees and bushes in the assortment of our nursery widely known, checked, and also new and promising varieties. Fruit and berry: apple - tree (25 grades), pear (7 grades), cherry, plum, quince, currant, gooseberry, honeysuckle, guelder - rose, bird cherry, strawberry, raspberry (selection grades). Deciduous: oak, birch, willow, poplar, linden, maple, mountain ash, lilac (elite decorative grades), elder, jasmine, rugosa rose, spiraea, lythrum, ninebark, cinquefoil. Coniferous: Siberian spruce, pine, larch, juniper, fir, thuja western. The planting stock is grown up with observance of all technology norms and requirements. The cultures offered for implementation are ideally suited for the northern region of Kazakhstan including for cultivation in Astana and the Akmola region. All planting stock is selected taking into account local climatic conditions, is steady against diseases and is certified. You can not only buy from us any trees, saplings or bushes, but also to get the qualified advice at our specialists at the choice of plants, landing, contents and care of them, delivery and landing of saplings on Astana, both with open root system, and in baskets is possible. We with confidence guarantee high quality of products, high survival and impressive net result for your garden.

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Snowberry, snowberry Saplings, ornamental shrubs
Snowberry, snowberry Saplings, ornamental shrubs
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