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Chemical formula: NaOH
Synonym: Sodium hydroxide, caustic sodium, the caustic soda, caustic soda, caustic alkali
International name: SODIUM HYDROXIDE
CAS No: 1310 - 73 - 2
Qualification: granules. tekhn.
Appearance: granules of white color, coloring is allowed
Warranty period of storage: 1 year from the date of production
Packing: bags, 25 kg
Storage conditions: in the dry, well aired room
Sodium hydroxide (caustic sodium, the caustic soda, NaOH) - caustic alkali; colourless crystals. The most widespread alkali, in year in the world is made and consumed more than 57 million tons of caustic alkali. Sodium the hydroxide is hygroscopic, at its connection with water large number of heat is allocated. Aqueous solutions have strong alkaline reaction. Forms crystalline hydrates from which at usual temperature NaOH×Н2О (12,3 — 61,8 °C) is steady. On NaOH air, absorbing CO2, the carbonate turns in sodium. At electrolysis chlorine at the same time turns out. Sodium hydroxide — caustic and korrozionnoaktivny substance. It belongs to substances of the second class of danger. Therefore during the work with it it is required to be careful.

Receive NaOH electrolysis of NaCI solutions or boiling of Na2CO3 solution with lime milk.

Use of sodium hydroxide
Sodium hydroxide (sodium hydroxide, caustic sodium, the caustic soda) — one of main products of chemical industry, is widely applied both in the most chemical industry, and in many other productions:
• in pulp and paper industry,
• for saponification of fats by production of soap, shampoo and other detergents,
• in oil processing — for production of oils,
• for biodiesel fuel production,
• quality of the agent for dissolution of blockages of sewers, etc.
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Sodium hydroxide
Sodium hydroxide
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