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Sodium hydroxide (granulated) IMP, (China)

Sodium hydroxide (granulated) IMP, (China)

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Sodium hydroxide (Latin Natrii hydroxidum, other names - the caustic soda, caustic soda, caustic soda, caustic alkali) - chemical formula of NaOH. On appearance - colourless crystals. The caustic soda is strongly hygroscopic. Sodium hydroxide - one of the alkalis, most widespread in the world.

Caustic sodium is applied in many industries (paper, chemical, oil processing), and also to domestic needs.

The caustic soda is used in pulp and paper industry in production of paper, synthetic fibers, cardboard, DVP for delignification (sulphatic process) of cellulose.

Sodium hydroxide is applied in neutralization reactions as reagent or the catalyst in chemical industries. By production of soap, shampoo and other detergents the caustic meadow is used for saponification of fats. It is widely applied to titration in chemical analysis, in production of pure metals and to aluminum etching;
Caustic soda is used as the catalyst in production of biodiesel fuel which is used for replacement of usual diesel fuel. The biodiesel is received from vegetable oils. For receiving the biodiesel, the caustic soda is added to vegetable oil at observance of proportions 1: 9. In oil processing of caustics use for production of oils.

In life caustic soda is used in the form of dry granules or as a part of gels as reactant for dissolution of blockages of sewers. Thanks to the corroding properties sodium hydroxide dezagregut contaminations and promotes its easy advance further on pipe. Is part of many detergents.

In the food industry sodium hydroxide is registered as food additive of E524. Participates in cooking of caustics: for cleaning and washing of fruit and vegetables from peel, in production of chocolate and ice cream, cocoa, drinks, for softening of olives, coloring of caramel and by production of bakery products. It is sometimes used in cosmetology.

Caustic soda is applied in civil defense to neutralization and decontamination of toxic agents (for example sarin), to cleaning of expiratory air of carbon dioxide gas, in the isolating respiratory devices (IRD).

Sodium hydroxide - pyretic which at humid air causes corrosion of many metals therefore during the work with alkali it is necessary to be careful. Caustic alkali belongs to substances of the second class of danger. Substance has the corroding effect on eyes skin and airways, serious chemical burns are formed. At hit on skin of caustic alkali it is necessary to wash out affected area weak solution of acetic acid, and at contact with mucous surfaces - water jet.
At contact with sodium hydroxide (the caustic soda) the following means of chemical protection are recommended: rubber gloves or gloves with the rubberized surface for protection of hands (latex gloves), chemical safety spectacles for protection of eyes, chemically the clothes impregnated with vinyl or the rubberized aprons for protection of body.

This substance can be dangerous to environment. It is necessary to store in densely closed container, in the place, unavailable to children and animals.

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Sodium hydroxide (granulated) IMP, (China)
Sodium hydroxide (granulated) IMP, (China)
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