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Saltpeter sodium
Saltpeter sodium — the nitrogen fertilizer containing 16% of nitrogen in a nitrate form. It is applied on all types of soils under potatoes, table and sugar beet, vegetable cultures, fruit and berry and decorative plantings. Sodium saltpeter — physiologically alkaline fertilizer, slightly alkalinizes the soil therefore most effectively operates on sour soils in combination with water-soluble forms of phosphoric and potassium fertilizers. Sodium saltpeter is applied at the main introduction in the early spring at ryadkovy priposevny introduction under sugar, fodder and table beet and in top dressing — during the vegetative period.

Sodium saltpeter should be brought in the early spring when redigging the soil and in rows when landing (crops). Introduction dose: under table, fodder and sugar beet — 50 g on 1 m ²; under vegetable cultures — 40 g on 1 m ²; under flower and decorative cultures — 35-40 g on 1 m ². At liquid podkormka dissolve 100-00 g of sodium saltpeter in 10 l of water and bring solution on the area of 10 m ². 1 teaspoon contains 5 g of fertilizer, a tablespoon — 15 g, a matchbox — 25 g. Sodium saltpeter is hygroscopic and slezhivatsya. Strong oxidizer. Renders an irritant action on skin. During the work with sodium saltpeter it is necessary to apply rubber gloves. After work with a product carefully to wash up hands. To store in the dry place inaccessible for children and pets.
Safety requirements

Saltpeter sodium - nonflammable flammable substance, is an oxidizer, on extent of impact on an organism belongs to substances of the 3rd class of danger.


Saltpeter sodium is packed into the five-layer paper laminated bags; to five - and the six-layer bituminized bags; the polyethylene bags inserts enclosed in the five-layer paper not impregnated bags or any other bags ensuring safety of a product. It is allowed to pack in coordination with the consumer saltpeter sodium into plastic bags or soft specialized containers of single use.

Transportation, storage

Saltpeter sodium is transported all means of transport (except air) in the covered vehicles. When loading, unloading, transportation and storage of saltpeter sodium the contamination or its mixture with organic combustible substances in order to avoid self-ignition of the last is not allowed. Saltpeter sodium is stored in the closed warehouse in packed form. It is allowed to store the product packed into soft specialized containers on the open areas. At storage of the loaded containers on the open areas the lower row has to be placed on pallets and floorings.

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Sodium nitre
Sodium nitre
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