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  • Type of soilChernozem
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The chernozem — rich with a humus, the phaeochrous type of the soil created on lessovidny loams or clays in the conditions of subboreal and moderate and continental climate at periodically washing or not washing water mode under long-term grassy vegetation.

Chernozems have good water-air properties, differ in komkovaty or granular structure, contents in the soil absorbing complex from 70 to 90% of calcium, neutral or almost neutral reaction, the increased natural fertility, intensive hymification and high, about 15%, contents in the top layers of a humus.

Characteristic of the chernozem

Chernozem soils are characterized by the rich maintenance of a humus (especially - in the top layers), nutrients, granular or komkovy structure, high (to 70%) the content of calcium, a huge number of microorganisms, useful to plants, and fine water-air qualities. In the chernozem there are useful humic acids (mix of organic compounds) which are the most valuable fraction of a humus which is easily acquired roots of plants.

But (!) though the chernozem also is water and air-permeable, in itself it does not differ in good friability. Therefore to the chernozem soil where you plan to plant garden plants and plants with underdeveloped root system, add peat, sand or compost mix. Optimum proportion: to add 1 part of sand to 3 parts of the chernozem, peat or compost.

Having taken the chernozem in hand and having slightly squeezed it, you will see a fat black print on palms. It is the first sign of fertility of the earth with the high content of a humus. The chernozem does not "bake" under the influence of the sun and moisture as clay soils, has no so porous structure as sandy. Nevertheless the root system of plants feels in the soils rich with a humus, more than freely and in prosperity is provided with oxygen and nutritious elements. It is possible to call you the lucky if you have the site rich with the chernozem, in this case you are pleased by excellent harvests and you for some time are relieved of entering into the soil of different "chemistry" (mineral fertilizers), bioadditives and organic chemistry. But (!) there are some nuances.

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