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The pneumatic sowing AGROMASTER complexes of cultivator type are intended for resource-saving technology of cultivation of grain crops. Application of the sowing AGROMASTER complexes allows to reduce cost of production of grain to 1200 rub/ton. Each sowing complex pays off in a year three times.
When developing the sowing AGROMASTER complexes the following object was set: having studied the most modern foreign cars to make is better, more convenient, stronger, simpler and cheaper. So there was a new generation of the sowing complexes which incorporated the best international experience, adapted to the Russian conditions of rigid operation and capable to work with domestic tractors and tractor operators.
The AGROMASTER production company modernized the shirokozakhvatny sowing AGRATOR complexes. More than 200 large and small changes are made to a design of units.
The main changes which significantly increased consumer characteristics and functionality of sowing complexes:
1. The increased bunker with a capacity of 12 cubic meters increases unit productivity on 30.
2. Bunker walls with pimples increase rigidity of the bunker twice.
3. The loading screw with a diameter of 200 mm (instead of the mm screw 160) allows to increase the speed of loading of the bunker by 2,2 times.
4. The strengthened stupichny knots and basic wheels of the increased loading capacity guarantee safety when transporting units capture over 11 meters wide.
5. The frame of a seeder cultivator of a spatial design increases margin of safety of the unit three times.
6. Production of sowing complexes with a width of row-spacings of 24 cm is mastered.
For one pass sowing complexes carry out full cutting of the soil or an eddish, the main and preseeding processing, prepare an ideal seed bed, make crops by a strip of 12-15 cm, close up a crops strip the mulched layer, make a boronovaniye of crops, combs out weeds, and arrive a crops strip.
The sowing AGROMASTER 11000 complex with the K-744 tractor
The main difference of the sowing AGROMASTER complexes from competitors is that they provide excellent quality of crops during the work on an eddish and on fields with a large number of the vegetable remains.
At application of resource-saving (bespakhotny) technologies all straw and the vegetable remains remain in the top layer of earth that complicates work of seeders. Seeds can get not on the soil, and on straw, besides, the soil with a large number of the vegetable remains is badly condensed. Therefore special attention at the choice of sowing complexes it is necessary to pay attention to ability of a sowing complex to provide high-quality preparation of a family bed and a qualitative prikatyvaniye of sowing material in the presence of the vegetable remains.

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Sowing Agromaster complex
Sowing Agromaster complex
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