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SPA the Masseur with ionoforezy and infrared beams of Revitalizer buy in Almaty
Buy SPA the Masseur with ionoforezy and infrared beams of Revitalizer
SPA the Masseur with ionoforezy and infrared beams of Revitalizer

SPA the Masseur with ionoforezy and infrared beams of Revitalizer

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandLurey
  • Country of manufactureUnited States


LuRey Revitalizer is the noninvasive solution of problems of care of face skin.

In more detail about goods

The innovative portable microcurrent device with 4 powerful impacts on skin (giving of red and infrared light, a direct current of a low voltage (ionoforez), microcurrents and microvibrations) allows: to skulpturirovat the person, to tone up muscles and face skin, to minimize depth of wrinkles and thin lines, to increase production of own collagen, to minimize a time.

Briefly about the technologies used in "LuRey Revitalizer": microcurrents, ionoforez, infrared beams, microvibrations.

  1. Microcurrents use currents of subthreshold values. The only technique which works at cellular level.
    Microcurrent therapy allows to influence softly and very effectively functional activity of cells of skin, muscles, lymphatic and blood vessels. Therapy promotes removal of stagnant liquid, improvement of food of skin, formation of a beautiful face form. The indication to a microcurrent lymphatic drainage - dark circles under eyes "bags".
  2. Infrared beams are invisible beams of a red range which are also called "thermal" radiation: infrared radiation from heated objects is perceived by skin as feeling of heat.
    The principle of procedure of infrared lifting consists in controlled heating of inside layers of skin that causes deep coagulation of fabrics and gives a powerful impulse to formation of the new structured collagen. As a result elasticity of skin considerably increases.
    Double chin, bags under eyes, an obvisaniye in a zone of the lower jaw and neck and other gravitational obvisaniye of skin, a ptoza, the drooped skin after sharp loss of weight - indications to infrared lifting.
  3. Ionoforez is the old, justified, checked and well proved method used in cosmetology more than 65 years. Ionoforez is a method of introduction - nutritious, medicinal substances in deep layers of skin by means of direct, continuous galvanic current.
  4. Micromassage provides activation of exchange processes, rejuvenates cellular structures, tightens skin, smoothes small wrinkles.

Powerful lifting - effect is caused by use of "LuRey Revitalizer", pores, pigmentary spots are narrowed, small wrinkles disappear, turgor, color and a tone of skin improves, dryness disappears. Microcirculation, RN (acidity) and microelement balance of skin improves, local immunity is stimulated.

Features and Advantages

  • The device is portable and convenient in application, works from usual AAA of batteries.
  • Active part of the device compact and oval that allows to work on any remote problem face zones, such as: nose wings, corners of lips, nosogubny folds, mezhbrovny lines, "goose pads", etc.
  • Uses laboratory verified, exact combination of red and infrared light allowing to reduce emergence of wrinkles and thin lines.
  • Helps to minimize emergence of skin pores of the person and clarifies pigmentary spots.
  • Regular use of the device increases elasticity and elasticity of skin
  • Provides harmless stimulation of face muscles, tones up, tightens and strengthens them.
  • Skulpturiruyet the person, helps to get rid of puffiness ("bags" under eyes)
  • Cleans a network of small vessels (capillaries)
  • Helps to reveal problem zones (the indicator intensively blinks)

Results of clinical tests

  • When using the device within the first month (observing recommendations) face skin looks about 4 years younger (via Global Age Assessment)
  • Depth of wrinkles and thin lines decreases by 37% (via clinical grading)
  • The shine of skin for 53% (via Minolta Chroma meter) Uvelichavtsya

Precautionary measures

Do not use if:

  1. you when - or had epileptic attacks or spasms;
  2. you transferred surgical procedure on a face recently - consult with the doctor.
  3. you implanted electronic devices (a defibrillator, a neurostimulator, cardiological an electrocardiogram - the monitor)
  4. you use medical devices for carrying on a body, such as - an electronic insulin pomp - consult with the doctor before use of the device.
  5. you have any active cancer or suspicion on any cancer defeat.

Method of application

Step 1: Clean a face

Step 2: Put means on care of skin on a water basis on a wet face (serum)

Step 3: Turn on the device in the IR+M mode and the smooth movements conduct on a wet face in the direction from below up. Slightly pressing (without stretching face skin) work on each problem a zone (wrinkles, pigmentary spots, eels, spots, capillaries) no more than 3 minutes. If the indicator intensively blinks, linger on this site of the person until the indicator ceases to blink. Attention! If your skin is sensitive to infrared radiation, use "LuRey Revitalizer" in the mode M.

Use "LuRey Revitalizer" in eyes only in the mode M

Step 4: After procedure put serum and / or cream.

Attention! For inclusion of function of an ionoforez it is necessary to use the device on a wet face (water is a conductor of galvanic current) and to hold for the special oval places which are on each side the device. Use of an ionoforez is recommended not more often than 2 times a month.

Care of the device


  • After each use of the device we recommend to wipe the device with the enclosed napkin
  • Do not use any solvents or detergents containing chemical active ingredients (alcohol, acetone, white spirit, sal ammoniac).
  • Be careful of contact of the device with water.

Technical characteristics

  • Entrance signal: DC 4.5V
  • Current: 5.3mA ± 0,5 ma (without loading)
  • Current frequency: 12 Hz ± 2 Hz
  • Block size: 170 x 55 x 50 mm

Frequently asked questions

В: How soon I will see results?
О: At daily application the first visible results will be noticeable within 4-6 weeks. The result is individual. A key to success is - regular use.

В: What can I feel or feel when using "LuRey Revitalizer"?
О: You will feel vibration which weakens face muscles and tones up skin. You can feel an easy pricking in problem zones, and also at connection of function of an ionoforez.

В: How often it is necessary to use "LuRey Revitalizer"?
О: We recommend to use the device, at least 5 days a week during the first 90 days, and then 2-3 days a week for maintenance of result.

В: What is the time procedure borrows?
О: From 5 to 20 minutes a day.

В: Whether it is possible to use the device on a make-up?
О: No. Use "LuRey Revitalizer" only on previously cleaned face.

В: What cosmetics on care of face skin you recommend to use with "LuRey Revitalizer" for achievement of the best result?
О: Any easy seruma on a water basis ("LuRey Vitamin K", "LuRey Intensive Repair Night Serum", "LuRey Multi Active Serum" and td.) Do not use serum with the maintenance of ANA of acid ("LuRey Radiance Glycolic Serum").

В: What best time of day for use of "LuRey Revitalizer"?
О: Any time of day.

В: How it is often necessary to change batteries?
О: Change batteries if:
1) you consider that the device began to vibrate less intensively
2) the device does not turn on

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SPA the Masseur with ionoforezy and infrared beams of Revitalizer
SPA the Masseur with ionoforezy and infrared beams of Revitalizer
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