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Sterilizer low-temperature formaldehyde 130 LF buy in Ust-Kamenogorsk
Buy Sterilizer low-temperature formaldehyde 130 LF
Sterilizer low-temperature formaldehyde 130 LF

Sterilizer low-temperature formaldehyde 130 LF

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Kazakhstan, Ust-Kamenogorsk
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Technical characteristics
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General information:

The low - temperature formaldehyde sterilizer is applied to sterilization of thermolabile materials which can be processed at 60ºC or 78ºC, and also are steady against influence by vacuum and humidity.

The offered models:

Matachana 130 LF - 1

Odnodverny low - temperature steam formaldenidny sterilizer. Code: 78026

Matachana 130 LF - 2

(Two - door) low - temperature steam formaldehyde sterilizer through passage. Code: 78029

The sterilizing agent:

The sterilizing solution includes only 2% of formaldehyde. It is delivered in strong plastic packages of 2, 7 liters.


- Program 60 °C, 3, 3 hours.

- Program 78ºC, 2, 15 hours.

- Test program for tightness check.

- The additional program - 50 °C, 4, 5 hours.

Implementation of programs is carried out in completely automatic mode controlled by means of the microprocessor.

Constructive characteristics:

Production material: The camera and a door are manufactured of an aluminum alloy; external panels – from stainless steel of quality of AISI 304L.

Use in the camera of internal mechanisms, such as fans is not allowed!

Door: Access through a horizontal door, manual opening with system of blocking which interferes with opening of a door at any time during a cycle.

Vacuum system: Efficiency of influence is reached by vacuum by means of the two - phase compact liquid ring water pump. Advantages of similar system: fast removal of condensate, achievement of full vacuum and considerable decrease in noise level. The pump is equipped with the operated system of water supply with use of the valve and device for protection of the engine.

The chamber is equipped with two ports for connection of thermoelements (1/2" gas) for an assessment of physical parameters (validirovaniye).

System of water purification: 1. System of demineralization of water; 2. The system of the return osmosis located above a cartridge of demineralized water - In some regions, users of sterilizers face water with high content of salts therefore Matachana suggests to use the system of the return osmosis located above a cartridge of demineralized water. Advantage is much the increased service life of a cartridge of demineralized water, therefore, decrease in expenses.

Built - in steam generator.

Control unit:

Control of a sterilizer is exercised by means of industrial the microprocessor which controls all operations which are carried out by a sterilizer. Contains the corresponding elements for viewing and printing of loop variables.

The microprocessor allows to carry out the following operations:

- Obtaining information and choice of the program of sterilization or test program.

- Information output about the status of a sterilizer: phases, number of a cycle, duration.

- Control and information output about values of parameters - temperature, pressure, concentration of formaldehyde, etc. – for each program.

Elements of management:

For display of parameters of programs and management of a sterilizer on the forward panel the following elements are located:

- The color touch screen with a diagonal of 5, 7 inches allows to carry out all necessary manipulations with a sterilizer – input of information, the choice and start of the program of sterilization, information output about a sterilizer, the description of a phase, the warning of mistakes, start of the program for depressurization of a chamber at emergence of mistakes, etc.

- Linear graphic registrar: Registers temperature and pressure throughout all cycle or the test program. Temperature continuously is registered in the red color on a scale with a range from 0 °C to 100 °C on paper 100 mm wide (a scale step - 2 °C). Registration of pressure happens in the green color to the range of scale from 0 to 100 kPa (absolute pressure) on paper 100 mm wide (a scale step - 2 kPa).

Installation of the alphanumeric printer for obtaining fuller information on loop variables is in addition possible.


Chamber volume - 130 liters;

The chamber sizes - 320x320x900 mm;

Overall dimensions of a sterilizer – 1875х750х1100 mm;

Weight – 400 kg;

The sterilizing agent - 2% the formaldehyde packed into plastic packages of 2, 7 liters;

Al. food – 380B/50gts;

Power consumption – 7 kW;

Connection of water – cold waters, max. temperature 250C;

Discharge - the most admissible height of a wall inlet opening no more than 440 mm over the level of a floor at which the sterilizer is established

Capacity for sterilizing solution – 5 l;

Capacity for demineralized water – 2 l.

Delivery set:

- A sterilizer – 1 piece;

- The linear graphic registrar – 1 piece;

- Loading baskets from stainless steel, dimensions, no more than 140 x 300 x 880 mm – 2 pieces;

- A package from 2% solution of formaldehyde of 2. 7 liters – 3 pieces;

- The device for water demineralization - 1 piece;

- System of the return osmosis – 1 piece.

In addition possible options which are not included in the delivery package:

- Alphanumeric printer;

- The printer for the press of labels;

- Additional loading baskets (260x300x880 mm. )

- Loading carts

- Interface payment

- Software of CSSDoc

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Sterilizer low-temperature formaldehyde 130 LF
Sterilizer low-temperature formaldehyde 130 LF
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