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STH isopropanol for hromatogr. (3 ml) buy in Shymkent
Buy STH isopropanol for hromatogr. (3 ml)
STH isopropanol for hromatogr. (3 ml)

STH isopropanol for hromatogr. (3 ml)

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STH isopropanol for hromatogr. (3 ml)
Isopropyl alcohol, propyl alcohol - 2 (2 propyl alcohol), isopropanol, dimethyl carbinol, the INFORMATION RETRIEVAL SYSTEM — the simplest secondary monoatomic alcohol of aliphatic series. There is izomerizopropanola — 1 propyl alcohol. Belongs to substances of the 3rd class of danger (moderately hazardous substances) on extent of impact on organism, possesses narcotic action. Maximum concentration limit border for isopropanol vapors in air makes 10 mg/m ³. Poisoning with isopropyl alcohol results from steam inhalation, containing the concentration exceeding maximum concentration limit, does not possess cumulative properties. Consumption inside already in small doses causes poisoning. It is widely used as technical alcohol in means for cleaning of glasses, office equipment, etc. and as solvent in the industry. Chemical formula (rational) isopropyl alcohol: CH3CH(OH)CH3.

Isopropanol possesses properties of secondary alcohol of fatty series, including forms simple and esters. The hydroxylic group can be forced out by representatives of number of halogens. With aromatic compounds isopropyl alcohol is condensed with formation of derivatives, such as isopropyl benzene and isopropyl toluene. In isopropanol many essential oils, alkaloids, some synthetic resins and other chemical compounds are well dissolved. At dehydrogenation turns into acetone.

Reacts with strong oxidizers. It is aggressive concerning some types of plastic and rubber. Isopropyl alcohol is used for receiving:

  • acetone (dehydrogenation or partial oxidation)
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • methyl - isobutyl ketone
  • isopropyl acetate
  • isopropyl amine.

Because of special state regulation of ethanol, isopropyl alcohol often is its substitute in many areas of its application. So, isopropanol is part:

  • cosmetics
  • perfumery
  • household chemicals
  • desinfectants
  • means for cars (antifreeze, solvent in winter windscreen washers)
  • repellents
  • washings of printed circuit boards after the soldering with gumboil, is on sale under the name "Cleaner Universal".

Isopropyl alcohol is applied in the industry, when cutting aluminum, turning, milling and other works. In mix with oil allows to increase work productivity considerably. Isopropyl alcohol is applied as the referens - standard in gas chromatography (for example, when testing pharmaceuticals for residual organic solvents). It is often used when welding optical fibers for purification of fiber before skalyvaniye.

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STH isopropanol for hromatogr. (3 ml)
STH isopropanol for hromatogr. (3 ml)
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