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Strengthening of designs of apertures and niches order in Almaty
Order Strengthening of designs of apertures and niches
Strengthening of designs of apertures and niches

Strengthening of designs of apertures and niches

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Kazakhstan, Almaty
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Has to be result of good and professional repair achievements of comfortable conditions for activity and accommodation. Therefore process of installation new window and doorways in bearing walls, and dismantle of the interroom not bearing partitions is considered very important stage of re-planning of premises. By means of installation of new apertures you can such planning of the apartment which will be ideally suited for your way of life, and dismantle will allow you is more practical to establish the most various special equipment. Due to the reorganization and creation of new apertures often it is required to carry out their strengthening therefore we offer the following types of strengthening: simple strengthening internal, strengthening internal aflush, bilateral strengthening of apertures, strengthening by a corner.

To arrange a new aperture in a bearing wall, or to expand already existing, it is necessary to use accurately prepared project documentation in which all steps of performance of work, from a marking in an aperture before its plastering will be described. Also in such documentation there have to be specifications of all materials which will be necessary for work. For a start, by means of the specialized tool, provoditsyaalmazny cutting of an aperture , and then this aperture is strengthened by means of a metal construction. Such works can be carried out only by civil engineering firms with appropriate licenses which have all necessary specialized equipment. When dismantling partitions it is important not to use pneumo tools which have very high energy of blow - it will provide integrity of all design.

After a prorezyvaniye diamond cutting of an aperture in a wall, it is strengthened a metal construction, such strengthenings, most often, should be carried out at expansion old or production of a new aperture in a main bearing wall of the multi-storey building, an exception are monolithic houses or the last floors in panel houses. Need of strengthening of doorways is defined by the design organization after carrying out engineering researches. As a rule, apertures in not bearing walls metal do not become stronger.

Strengthening of brick and concrete apertures by means of a channel

The metal construction made of a channel or a corner the most reliable and simple in installation threw from hot-rolled profiles perfectly maintains loads of twisting, a bend, compression, torsion, stretching. But unfortunately such design has the shortcoming. Because of the rounded edges and bevels of internal part of a channel, in the course of installation it is very difficult to achieve a dense prileganiye of a design to walls. For processing of edges of a channel it is necessary to spend not only many efforts, but also to use such tools as the puncher and the tool for diamond cutting. And it is additional noise and dust. It is also possible to try distance between a channel and a wall to hammer with cement mortar, but to make it it is almost impossible - after installation of a channel, to its internal part there is no access at all. Is more practical and will just not save, and to strengthen an aperture corners. We will describe this way further.
In spite of the fact that strengthening from a channel is considered as rather reliable method of metalstrengthening, it is applied, as a rule, on the first floors of skyscrapers. Installation of such strengthening is carried out on a bearing wall, but not on an aperture, then the metal construction becomes stronger (drags on) hairpins, such strengthening needs to be carried out before the most diamond cutting of an aperture. The price, as well as reliability of such strengthening, is a little higher simple channel, and its minus is a vystupaniye of parts of a channel on all perimeter of an aperture from its both parties.

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Strengthening of designs of apertures and niches
Strengthening of designs of apertures and niches
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