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Technical characteristics
  • BrandТОО «Ystyk Uya»
  • Country of manufactureKazakhstan

The Ystyk Uya LLP company offers you a high-quality stretch-film of own production. Thickness of our film makes from 12 to 50 microns, width from 500 to 1500 mm.

Stretch a film - the modern packing material possessing ability to stretch (lengthening - to 250%) and to revert to the original state. Has in comparison with usual film materials the increased tensile strength, high resistance to a puncture, blow, breakdown. Pasting of layers is among themselves reached thanks to preliminary stretching of a film before use (prestreych). Due to its aspiration to return to an initial state there is a "holding" force which provides a steady fastening of layers of a film among themselves. It is used as transport packing, for example, for fixing of finished goods on pallets-paletakh by a rotational coiling. Streych the film is made from the modified polyethylene of low density, linear polyethylene, polyvinylchloride, copolymers of a vinilidenkhlorid and ionomers. Thanks to a unique set of qualities the stretch-film found broad application when packing for both food, and technical production. Streych the film is the material meeting the modern requirements to a container and packing.

Depending on thickness, the film is recommended to use for various purposes:

- streych the film 12-17 microns thick is applied to fastening of usual freights;
- streych the film 20 microns thick is applied to fastening of the large-size heavy freights and objects having keen edges;
- streych the film 23 microns thick is applied to fastening of superheavy freights, such as stone blocks and a bordyurny tile.

Meeting the requirements, traditional for packing materials, to protection of goods, streych the film has a number of advantages:

  • - the high pulling together effort (allows to fix reliably freight on a pallet);

  • - I will also tear apart resistance to a puncture (protects freight from damage, pollution, plunder);

  • - does not demand the difficult equipment when packing;

  • - a possibility of preliminary stretching (allows to cut a material consumption);

  • - wide range of working temperatures, a possibility of packing streych a film of the cooled and frozen products.

Treats unique svoystvamstreych of a film:

  • - ability to stretch twice with the subsequent aspiration to restore the form (prestreych) - the fine quality used when packing goods;

  • - neutrality in relation to the goods;

  • - stickiness of layers of a film on the relation to each other (additional materials for fastening are not required);

  • - the lowest price among all polymeric films.

Characteristics of a stretch-film do it almost universal and allow to apply in various situations: on production, in a distribution network, in life in case of one-time packing of food; for a fastening of packages of freights of the correct form; for packing of production sensitive to heating; for packing of production which in the course of storage and transportation can be condensed.

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