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Studying of hydrowells complex of geophysical methods order in Almaty
Order Studying of hydrowells complex of geophysical methods
Studying of hydrowells complex of geophysical methods

Studying of hydrowells complex of geophysical methods

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Analysis of logging data.

The self-streaming well No. 1080 was studied by methods of a shumometriya and thermometry. Complex interpretation of logging data allowed to construct hydrodynamic model of processes in a well and in annular space. Localization of filter intervals is carried out by the borehole TV irrespective of logging researches.

In a trunk of a well and in annular space materials of temperature logging give the most detailed picture of hydrodynamic processes. The analysis of dispersion (dispersion) of temperature and a shumogramm give the auxiliary, specifying data.

The schedule of the thermogram has step character. Intervals of change of temperature correspond to depths of an intensive waterway, and within intervals with a constant temperature there is no active hydrodynamics. Proceeding from this situation, we will carry out the analysis of thermodynamics of a well, using a shumometriya for authentication of the drawn conclusions.

The first temperature step corresponds to depth of 59 m. Here also the increased dispersion of values of temperature is noted though there is no sound effect. It means that water is included into a well trunk a powerful stream, without encountering any resistance which is giving rise to sound effect. But the movement of water serves as the reason of the turbulences causing local fluctuations of temperature, that is dispersion.

The following step is at a depth of 85 m. Dispersion of temperature has average values that speaks about distributed nature of a leak. In this zone, also, local source of the increased noise which is most possibly outside a well trunk at the level of a waterway is located. Character of logging curves gives the grounds to assume that on an interval of depths from 85 to 105-110 meters there is a hydrodynamic communication of internal and external cavities of an upsetting column (a zone of filters, perforation, or violation of a sploshnost of a column).

The shumogramma peak at a depth of 130 meters without noticeable dispersion, means that the source is outside a well trunk. It, in turn, can mean that in annular space there are vertical water overflows.

The difficult picture is observed on an interval from 145 to 180 meters. It seems that here the zone of filters which is characterized not by a uniform pointervalny output is located. The thermogradient zone 145-175m and the zone 175-185m adjoining it can be connected with oncoming traffic of waters on internal and external cavities of a trunk of a well. The same can be told also about an interval 90-110m. More correct interpretation can be carried out in the presence of exact data on the provision of zones of filters.

In a bottomhole zone of anomalies it is not observed. The face is blocked by detrital material and not pronitsay.

The comparison of results of logging to video logging data on depths which is carried out further gave quite satisfactory coincidence and confirmed the made conclusions.


In hydrodynamic active well, sharing of video logging with thermometry and a shumometriya gives qualitatively new data allowing to receive a full-fledged picture of the processes happening in it.

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Studying of hydrowells complex of geophysical methods
Studying of hydrowells complex of geophysical methods
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