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System of forced ventilation Aeropak SN

System of forced ventilation Aeropak SN

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System of forced ventilation Aeropak of SN (Aeropac SN).

AEROPAC SN - the newest, compact and silent system of forced ventilation (even at average turns it is difficult to define aurally whether the system is included), which provides with the fresh and purified air yours the apartment or office.

AEROPAC SN is equipped with the replaceable cartridge with the filter from absorbent carbon, providing effective (90-95%) absorption of products of combustion of fuels and lubricants, the weighed particles and smells from the air arriving outside.

In addition Aeropac SN can be completed hypoallergenic and Hepa with the filter.

According to many experts, Aeropac SN provetrivateli-air purifiers price quality in the market has the best combination.

Technical characteristics of Aeropac SN (Aeropak):
Productivity - the G3 filter: 30-170 CBM/hour, coal filter: 15-160 CBM/hour
Power consumption - at 60 m3/hour: 5 W
Level of own noise - at 60 m3/hour: 22 db
Noise reduction of street noise: 53 db
Electroconnection: 230 V
Dimensions: 467х270х132 mm

Aeropak SN is installed in the inhabited apartment within 1-3 hours, at the same time you will not notice any consequences for your walls, a floor, wall-paper, everything will be made purely and professionally.

Aeropac SN Z-Wave - modification of system in which control is exercised of the sensor of quality of air which measures the maintenance of CO2 and VOC * in the room and on the basis of these data regulates supply of fresh air.
* VOC-is changeable organic compounds in the form of gases, for example, kitchen smells, a smoke of cigarettes, natural evaporations of a body.

The C wall provetrivatel of AEROPAC SN it is possible to live without noise, to sleep with the closed windows and to breathe at the same time fresh air.

Provetrivatel is established indoors on an external wall, evenly and without drafts filling the room with fresh air.

Thanks to the universal design compact by the sizes the provetrivatel of AEROPAC SN fits into any interior.

Hi-tech noise-protective elements of a design of the air channel almost completely exclude noise penetration outside. The high degree of protection against noise reached thus is optimum for the consumer - especially in buildings on streets with the heavy transport traffic.

Rest and fresh air are guaranteed to you at any time!

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System of forced ventilation Aeropak SN
System of forced ventilation Aeropak SN
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