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Systems of diagnosing of pipelines

Systems of diagnosing of pipelines

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Laying and connections of wires of the UEC system

System of operating remote control

The biggest reserve of energy saving, reserve of economy of fuel, accident rate exception in this most vulnerable system of heat supply is the new generation of pipes which in Russia contains about 7 years. Not to discredit this idea because it really belongs to the sphere of high technologies, here and production not absolutely simple unlike what was still at beskanalny laying of networks or at production of heating systems in chanceless channels with mineral-cotton, steklovatny isolation. Here all production phases require to themselves special attention. They not such difficult, but really demand to themselves the address on "you". It both production, and polyurethane change, and organization of a polyethylene covering, and system of design, system of earthwork, system of installation and, most important, monitoring system.

The system of operating remote control warns us about a possibility of accidents on heating mains. And these devices, simple and convenient, will allow to signal extent of deterioration of thermal isolation in advance, without speaking about accident rate. It both internal corrosion, and external breakdowns. Today this system is legislatively fixed. First, the association which part about 40 members are already today, including the leading research design institutes making, consuming is created and provides a full complex. Unfortunately, of course, introduction of these materials is extremely limited as well as in general also repair of heating systems is necessary.

The system of operating remote control introduced in thermal networks gives practically already today the chance to exclude surprises, and in time to carry out precautionary repair. Moreover, this system allows to define a site which demands repair with an accuracy of 1 and at most 3 m.

Installation of the monitoring system

The prevailing way of laying of thermal networks in the Russian Federation is laying in chanceless channels with mineral-cotton thermal insulation (80%). The Beskanalny laying which is carried out from designs of factory production with use of isolation from an armopenobeton and bitumosoderzhashchy masses (bitumoperlit, bitumovermikulit, bitumokeramzit), makes 10% of the general extent of thermal networks.

Installation of conductors at construction

General requirements

At construction of a heating main installation of conductors is made on butt connections of the pipeline

Installation of the SODK elements of pipe part consists in the correct connection of alarm conductors on pipeline joints.

To connect alarm conductors on joints in strictly specified order: to connect the main alarm wire to the basic, and transit to transit.

The main alarm conductor has to be located always on the right in the direction of the heat carrier.

The main alarm conductor visually differs from the transit conductor in marking.

The main alarm conductor has to be marked at manufacturer of a pipe. Marking has to be carried out by red paint (on the parts of a wire acting from isolation at pipe end faces) or all wire has to be tinned (white color).

The transit wire is not marked and (red) has color of copper.

At all branches of the pipeline to connect only the main alarm wire, and transit has to pass by branches, without coming into one of them.

To carry out installation of alarm conductors after welding of a steel pipe.

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Systems of diagnosing of pipelines
Systems of diagnosing of pipelines
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