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Technical characteristics
  • BrandAmanat Group
  • Country of manufactureUzbekistan

T-shirts with a logo

T-shirts of 100% cotton, all sizes and colors

Way of the press: digital press, thermotransfer

Drawing on t-shirts of images, logos and photos – the service which is actively used in the advertizing purposes for creation of corporate style, and also for personal needs of consumers. The press of logos, slogans and other is an opportunity to pay attention of potential clients to your company and services offered by it during promotion actions.

Drawing on t-shirts of various images is actively used by heads of the large companies seeking to unite working collective uniform corporate style. Besides, products with your logo is excellent souvenir products which use favorably influences image of your company in the opinion of clients and partners.


Sublimation press

Paint is applied previously on the intermediate carrier (sublimation paper or a film), and then transferred to the painted surface under the influence of temperature and pressure. Paint at the same time passes into a gaseous state and as if accumulates in fabric. The image turns out resistant and with excellent photographic quality. The best result is available only to fabrics with contents not less than 65% of synthetic (mainly polyester) fiber. The more the content of cotton in material, the stronger fades the image when washing. The painted fabric does not lose the elasticity, at its extension there is no rupture of a paint layer. There are special two-layer t-shirts for sublimation: inside cotton, from above — synthetics.

Today the sublimation press with high final quality is not available to dark fabrics.

Approaches for: photos, drawings, logos, inscriptions

Quality of the received image: full-color photographic

Requirements to files:

raster files: the PNG, JPG, GIF, PSD-formats the color RGB, CMYK-mode the size are 2340х3310 px (for the A3 size) resolution is 200 dpi.
vector files: the EPS 8 formats the version - the SMYK-model objects without inking - the text is transferred to curves - filling like "mesh" and gradients (replacement by bitmap) is not allowed.


·        full-color high-quality image

·        firmness

·        elasticity (stretches without bursting)

·        image imperceptibly to the touch


·        is not suitable for natural fabrics

Thermotransfer (thermotransfer)

Approaches for: photos, drawings, logos, inscriptions.

Quality of the received image: photographic.

Requirements to files: raster files of high resolution, vector files.


·        full-color high-quality image

·        is suitable for color fabrics


·        not rather resistant picture for a machine wash

·        the film, notable to the touch is applied on fabric.

Press fleks films (FLEX press)

The applied image is cut out from one-color very thin film on the cutting plotter and pasted to fabric under the influence of high temperature. The technology is intended for drawing 1-5 color images, for example inscriptions, simple logos. The image applied with the help fleks films almost eternal — a film does not sostiryvatsya and does not fade, is afraid only of hostile environment (for example, it is dissolved in alcohol). The mechanism of the press is similar to drawing up application of pieces of color paper. At this method it is impossible to achieve photographic quality of the image. Besides happens that studios refuse the press to difficult images with fine details since it becomes labor-intensive process.

Approaches for: simple drawings, logos, inscriptions.

Quality of the received image: bright colors without gray-scale transitions

Requirements to files: vector files of the format .EPS 8, .CDR 9-13, .AI 8-scale 1:1-are allowed the closed and crossed contours - lines have to have the smallest thickness (hairline) - the text is transferred to curves, kegel 25 pt (about 10 mm) - sans-serif fonts are recommended.


·        High quality of color

·        Accurate contours

·        The press on color fabrics

·        High resistance to a strika and fading


·        It is impossible to print photographic images.

The main
Type of production for the press Fabric
Type of drawing images Sublimation press
Production time 2 dn
Minimum circulation 1.0
Additional characteristics
T-shirts cotton
Floor Unisex
Producer Own production
Country producer Uzbekistan
Type of a product T-shirt
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T-shirts with log
T-shirts with log
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