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Technical hydrochloric acid

Technical hydrochloric acid

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Hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid) - aqueous solution of HCl hydrogen chloride, represents transparent colorless liquid with pungent odor of hydrogen chloride. Technical acid has yellowish - green color because of impurity of chlorine and salts of iron. Maximum concentration of hydrochloric acid about 36% of HCl; such solution has density of 1,18 g/cm3. Concentrated acid on air "smokes" as the allocated gaseous HCl forms the smallest droplets of hydrochloric acid with water vapor.

Hydrochloric acid not goryucha, is not explosive. It is one of the most strong acids, dissolves (with hydrogen release and formation of salts - chlorides) all metals standing among tension to hydrogen. Chlorides are formed also at interaction of hydrochloric acid with oxides and hydroxides of metals. With strong oxidizers she behaves as reducer.

Salts of hydrochloric acid - chlorides, except for AgCl, Hg2Cl2, are well soluble in water. Glass, ceramics, porcelain, graphite, ftoroplast are steady against it.

Receive hydrochloric acid dissolution in water of hydrogen chloride which is synthesized or directly from hydrogen and chlorine or receive effect of sulphuric acid on sodium chloride.

The let - out technical hydrochloric acid has the strength not less than 31% of HCl (synthetic) and 27,5% of HCl (from NaCI). Trade acid call concentrated if it contains 24% and more HCl if the maintenance of HCl is less, then acid is called diluted.

Hydrochloric acid is applied to receiving chlorides of different metals, organic semi - products and synthetic dyes, acetic acid, active coal, different glues, hydrolytic alcohol, in galvanoplasty. It is applied to pickling of metals, to cleaning of different vessels, upsetting pipes of boreholes of carbonates, oxides, etc. rainfall and pollution. In metallurgy acid process ores, in the tanning industry - skin before tanning and dyeing. Hydrochloric acid is applied in the textile, food industry, in medicine etc.

Hydrochloric acid plays important role in digestion processes, it is component of gastric juice. Divorced hydrochloric acid is appointed inside mainly at the diseases connected with hypoacidity of gastric juice.

Transport hydrochloric acid in glass balloons or gummed (covered with rubber layer) metal vessels, and also in polyethylene ware.

Hydrochloric acid is very hazardous to health of the person. At hit on skin causes severe burns. Hit in eyes is especially dangerous.

At hit of hydrochloric acid on its skin coverings it is necessary to wash away immediately plentiful water jet.

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Technical hydrochloric acid
Technical hydrochloric acid
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