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Temperature recorder (thermal profiler) 16-channel B710-16 buy in Almaty
Buy Temperature recorder (thermal profiler) 16-channel B710-16
Temperature recorder (thermal profiler) 16-channel B710-16

Temperature recorder (thermal profiler) 16-channel B710-16

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The temperature recorder is designed to record the temperature profile when conveyor ovens pass through the tunnel. The registrar consists of an electronic autonomous registration unit, as well as a set of software for a personal computer. The registration unit is an electronic board with a microcontroller and a multichannel meter located on it. The electronic board is housed in a low - profile case. From one to sixteen temperature sensors are connected to the board using connectors. Sensors are fixed on the surface of the object under study - usually a printed circuit board. The registration block is closed in a protective casing and sent to the furnace together with the object under study. When passing through the furnace tunnel, the recorder measures temperatures from the connected sensors with a specified period and stores these results. After passing through the furnace tunnel, the recorder is removed from the casing and connected to a personal computer. A special program reads the temperature values stored by the recorder and displays them in the form of a profile graph.

It is possible to operate the recorder in the "connected" mode. In this case, the recorder is constantly connected to a personal computer using a standard USB cable, which allows you to monitor all temperatures from the recorder's sensors in on - line mode. A graph of changes in these temperatures is also automatically plotted.

The registrar can be used to record the thermal profile not only of conveyor ovens, but also of heating cabinets, refrigerators and other climatic equipment.

Offline registration time is limited to 10 minutes. In connected mode, registration time is not limited.

The number of recorder channels can be up to 16 simultaneously recorded channels.

The PC software has a traditional graphical interface. It can run on various operating systems: Windows, Linux. Interface language Russian, English. At the request of the client, localization into other languages can be carried out.

The software is built using modern technology and has a fully graphical interface. The built - in graphic "wizard" is provided with text and animated visual prompts, which makes the use of the recorder as simple and affordable as possible. The PC software can save the registered profile to disk for later download and analysis. Wide profile navigation is available, including moving, scaling, turning channels on and off. The profile can also be printed.

Main settings

Number of channels 16 Type of thermocouples used K Range of recorded temperatures, degrees C 20 - 350 Resolution, degrees C 0.1 Measurement error, degrees C + / - 2 Duration of autonomous registration, min 10 Registration period, sec 1 Power supply 3 AAA cells or LiPol battery Dimensions recorder in a protective casing, mm 207x43x17 Weight of the recorder in a protective casing, kg 0.45 Dimensions of the heat - insulating box, mm 280x80x35 Weight of the heat - insulating box, kg 0.8



The recorder comes with:

  • thermal insulation box
  • thermocouples, the number of which corresponds to the number of recorder channels. Additional thermocouples available
  • gloves to remove the recorder from the furnace tunnel
  • storage case for temperature recorder

AAA batteries to power the temperature recorder USB cable for taking readings USB 2.0 8Gb drive with software

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Temperature recorder (thermal profiler) 16-channel B710-16
Temperature recorder (thermal profiler) 16-channel B710-16
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