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Ten of a case 230V for the H-DORIN series buy in Almaty
Buy Ten of a case 230V for the H-DORIN series
Ten of a case 230V for the H-DORIN series

Ten of a case 230V for the H-DORIN series

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Kazakhstan, Almaty
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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureItaly
  • Plant manufacturerDorin
The phenomenon of movement of liquid coolant from the refrigeration unit in the compressor at its stop is well known. The possibility of this process of movement is especially high if the compressor is in the place where surrounding temperature is lower than temperature of the refrigeration unit, for example, when the compressor is installed in the open air. Accumulation of liquid coolant in oil it is very dangerous as at launch of the compressor, coolant begins to be emitted intensively with formation of foam that can lead to full or partial carrying out of oil from the compressor to the highway of refrigerating system. TEN of heating of a case which has to be included when the compressor is stopped increases oil temperature, reducing in it amount of coolant. TEN of heating of a case is not capable to prevent the hydroblow caused by accumulation of oil in the line of absorption. In this case, it is necessary to modify the line of absorption, having adapted it conforming to the usual assembly rules. According to them, the line of absorption has to be inclined concerning the compressor so that oil flew down back in a compressor case. However it is necessary to avoid the return intake of coolant from the evaporator in the idle compressor. For this purpose it is necessary to arrange a siphon tube at the exit from the evaporator at the level of her a high point and then to apply an U-shaped tube with the descending bias. The minimum speed of gas has to make 4 m/s in horizontal pipes and 8 m/s in vertical pipes. If the above-named conditions are impracticable, it is necessary to make a pumping cycle (i.e. to drain the evaporator) before the compressor stops. In case of considerable overcooling on the line of absorption, heat made by TENG of heating can be insufficiently. TEN of heating of a case has to join in compressor stop time and therefore it is desirable to connect the contactor of the compressor with the auxiliary device of protection (normally closed) always. TEN of heating of a case has to be included in several hours prior to launch of the compressor. Duration of inclusion of TENA depends on the power of the heater and on the room temperature where the compressor is installed. TEN of heating of a case has degree of protection of a cover of electric equipment of IP44. In the maintenance instruction the sequence of the TENA installation of a heater of a case is specified. Some compressors are supplied with the carving sleeve established in an opening of the TENA case of heating of a case better to fix the heater in the compressor case. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Al. isolation> 5 M Ω to 500 V CC Electric durability is checked at: 1500 V, alternating current, 50 Hz during 1 with Al. the cable is executed according to standards of NF C32-063 and NF C32-070
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Ten of a case 230V for the H-DORIN series
Ten of a case 230V for the H-DORIN series
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