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Tennis cour buy in Astana
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Artificial lawns for playgrounds and rest

You look for a qualitative artificial lawn? The Olympus Arena company is glad to welcome you on the website!

We deliver an artificial grass for soccer, tennis, golf, field hockey, rugby and many other sports, from the leading global manufacturers continuing to maintain high efficiency of systems of an artificial grass covering for many years which were certified by many of the leading sports federations of the world.

We deliver artificial grass coverings from the leading global manufacturers whose professional football coverings have the certificate "Two Stars Are recommended to FIFA".

Today the most worked system of an assessment of quality of football coverings is the Concept of quality of FIFA - it is the quality system of artificial grass coverings for soccer which started in 2001. FIFA developed the Concept of quality for artificial grass coverings to guarantee that new types of artificial game surfaces repeat game qualities of a good natural lawn, provide safe conditions of game, are fully durable (at the corresponding leaving). The concept of quality of FIFA is the program of strict tests and guarantees two levels of quality: "It is recommended to FIFA One Star" and "Two Stars Are recommended to FIFA".

The main difference is that the "It Is Recommended to FIFA One Star" standard is intended for municipal and local football fields while "Two Stars" - for professional soccer and for stadiums Are recommended to FIFA. Each standard is developed on the basis of features of professional and nonprofessional soccer.

Practical covering for any sport

The sports covering is defining at construction of the sporting venue. Sports covering promotes achievement of good results. Modern artificial coverings considerably surpass the natural analogs in operational properties. Today the artificial grass gradually forces out from football fields, stadiums and tennis courts a grass natural. It differs in "softness", elasticity, good sliding, comfort and safety of game.

The artificial lawn can be operated almost round the clock, maintaining daily carrying out games and trainings without loss of the operational qualities that is impossible for lawns from a natural grass. Climatic and weather conditions do not exert noticeable impact on its properties too: even considerable temperature drops and humidity do not reduce covering service life.

The grass covering delivered by our company will help you to equip an artificial field for soccer, tennis, golf, field hockey, volleyball, rugby and other sports.

You were not mistaken, having decided to use services of our company, choosing an optimal variant where to buy an artificial lawn. The artificial lawn will satisfy demand of the most exacting user because possesses exclusive operational characteristics. For production of an artificial lawn environmentally friendly materials which pass obligatory certification are used.

Artificial lawns will suit any company as demand the minimum leaving and always have an esthetic appearance. For this reason they are chosen by the people appreciating faultless quality, time and money.

Those who claim that sport is life not so widly of the mark, for many it, really, becomes quintessence of a course of life. Moreover, the care of sport development, support of children's and youth clubs, sections, competitions, necessary volumes of construction of new sporting venues - all this is very sensitive indicator of "health" of the state and society in general.

Our company "Olympus Arena" hopes that sport in Kazakhstan will always find due support both from high power structures, and from broad masses of the population. In turn, our company to seek to make carrying out trainings and competitions more available and comfortable, delivering qualitative artificial sports coverings on the market of Kazakhstan.

Sports coverings allow to equip quickly enough the training platform in any place even if it is used as multipurpose object. Our materials are often used for creation of sporting venues in private country estates, at schools and universities, and also for improvement of house adjoining urban areas.

Our experts will always answer and will consult you on all questions which arose at you!

Do not put off the decision and call us right now!

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