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The bellows-sealed compensation device in isolation PPU

The bellows-sealed compensation device in isolation PPU

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Technical characteristics
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Worker temperatura: do 250 C

To unload straight sections of pipelines of heating systems and to protect the equipment from big temperature tension, the SKU bellows - sealed compensators in isolation PPU are used. A basic purpose of such compensator is removal of axial tension and cross shifts on straight sections of pipelines at without channel to laying of the pipeline.
Existence of PPU of isolation allows to increase compensator service life. At installation of such compensator it is necessary to observe Construction Norms and Regulations 41 - 02 - 2003 and documentation of the designer of the pipeline. The main working passes which can be used in the SKU bellows - sealed compensators in PPU of isolation are passes from 50 to 1000 mm, with a working pressure to 2,5 MPas that allows to use them in pipelines of big length. Such compensating knot consists of the bellow valve for as which material serves stainless steel, the protection cover of the increased durability and a connecting branch pipe. For convenience of installation the branch pipe of the compensator is made of carbonaceous steel of Art. 20 or 17G1S with accession under welding.
Depending on loadings the compensator can be executed with one or two bellow valves, with a working diameter up to 5000 mm and up to + 250 degrees with the temperature of working environment. Existence of the protected casing allows to use similar knots when laying underground pipelines of big length, compensating at the same time thermal expansion to 520 mm. Use of compensators of this type allows to save on routine maintenance and planned and unplanned repair, especially it is actual when laying underground pipelines.

OPN compensator

Bellows - sealed compensators which stretch or contract on a pipeline axis are used to compensation of deformations of the pipelines arising at differences of temperatures and to protection of the pipeline from destruction and premature failure. In order that the compensator was environmentproofed it is located in the special protection cover, and at the same time the internal insulating screen is also used. The similar compensator in systems of heating is used and when laying pipelines, both in a trench, and in trays.
Axial bellows - sealed compensators with the external protection cover and the internal screen can be manufactured of stainless steel 12kh18n10t or the bellow valve and the internal screen from stainless steel, and a casing and patruk from carbonaceous steel. The bellow valve is made of stainless steel according to GOST 5632 - 72 and is capable to maintain working pressure to 2,5 atmospheres. At selection of this kind of compensators it is necessary to consider that temperature of the working environment used in the pipeline should not exceed 150 degrees, and speed 2,5m/page.

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The bellows-sealed compensation device in isolation PPU
The bellows-sealed compensation device in isolation PPU
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