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The Chinese medical tampons - Qing Gong - Heppiness

The Chinese medical tampons - Qing Gong - Heppiness

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Qing Gong

Improving and preventive

tampons for women.


Traditional Chinese medicine!

Characteristic: Tampons – improving and preventive production manufactured Hong Kong. The recipe is taken from ancient sources of the Chinese medicine numbering more than 5000 years.

Improving and preventive tampons contain several tens of types of natural traditional Chinese components. The set of laboratory researches confirmed that this means is effective and safe for health of the person.

Are effective at such gynecologic problems as:

  • Inflammation of an internal cover of a uterus,
  • Inflammatory processes in the field of a basin,
  • Inflammation of ovaries, cystitis, urine incontience, uterus neck pathology (erosion, leykoplaziya, dysplasia), endometriosis, polikistoz, polyposes, fibroma, infertility, mastopathy, milkwoman, etc.

At their application also expressed cosmetic effect is observed:

  • Pigmentary spots leave,
  • Complexion improves,
  • The quantity and depth of wrinkles decreases,
  • The shape of a breast improves (the breast becomes more tightened).

Improving and preventive tampons conform to the GMP standard (the international quality standard).

Are made in strictly sterile conditions:

Does not contain chemical additives. There took place over 1000 clinical trials which confirmed that tampons are safe, nontoxical, have no side effects.

Main components:

"Drakonova blood" – juice of a drakonov of a tree;

1. powerful anti - inflammatory action;

2. wound healing action;

3. antineoplastic action.


1. antibacterial,

2. anti - inflammatory action,

3. febrifugal action.

Method of application: Open with clean hands packing. Before application of a tampon unwind the curtailed exhaust cord. For convenience on the end it is possible to tie a small knot. Before introduction as much as possible relax and smoothly enter a tampon into a vagina most deeply to the back arch (between a neck of a uterus and a back wall of a vagina), the tip of an exhaust cord at the same time has to be outside. After the correct introduction you will not feel a tampon inside.

After 3 days the tampon needs to be removed, having slightly pulled for a tip of an exhaust cord.
After removal it is necessary to prosprintsevat carefully a vagina grass broth or physiological solution (not less than 2 liters). In 24 hours it is possible to apply the next tampon.

Sex can be had in three hours after extraction of a tampon and syringing. Previously within 1 - 1,5 minute to take a tampon in warm water, to grease the place of input with any erotic gel or sterile oil.

Contraindications: Tampons represent improving and preventive production and are used for the purpose of prevention of gynecologic diseases. Their application is forbidden during a menstrual cycle, and also to pregnant women and virgins.

  • Not to accept to the people having an allergy to what – or to a phytocomposition component.
    Tampons are intended only for vaginal application.
  • In usage time of tampons it is impossible to have sex. In case you want to come into sexual contact it is necessary to take a tampon and to make syringing. After 3 hours it is possible to come into sexual contact.
  • Not to use tampons within 3 days to a menstrual cycle and 3 days after a menstrual cycle.
  • The improving and preventive course provides use of 6 tampons. At chronic diseases it is necessary to complete 2 - 3 courses (12 - 18 tampons) and more.
  • Regular application. At a normal menstrual cycle. For prevention it is recommended to use 2 tampons within a month for the purpose of effective normalization of a microbic landscape.
  • After the unprotected sexual intercourse it is enough to use for the purpose of prevention of diseases, a sexually transmitted, 1 tampon.
  • At visit of the pool, a sauna, bath, after bathing in open reservoirs (the small river, the lake, the sea) of the 1st tampon it is enough for preservation of a normal microbic landscape of genitals.
  • During the travel it is recommended to use 2 tampons with the preventive purpose.

If you appreciate time, then and protect health! .

Packing: 1 pieces.


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The Chinese medical tampons - Qing Gong - Heppiness
The Chinese medical tampons - Qing Gong - Heppiness
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