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The cockleshell is sea fodder

The cockleshell is sea fodder

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The cockleshell is sea fodder

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Cockleshell fodder ― welcome it, the best combined calcium source in a diet of agricultural animals and birds. Use of a fodder cockleshell promotes strengthening of immunity, high efficiency and health of young growth, is valuable the fact that it improves durability of a shell and consumer qualities of eggs. and also their incubatory qualities. The fodder cockleshell is perfectly acquired by an organism of birds, stops violation of calcic balance in an organism, fragility of a bone, and also contributes to normalization of a metabolism.

The fodder cockleshell is a mineral top dressing for birds

Addition of a fodder cockleshell in a diet of birds compensates a lack of calcium of sterns.
The fodder cockleshell is used for production of compound feeds for an agricultural bird and animals, and also applied directly when feeding a bird and animals as the mineral additive of a natural origin received from natural deposits.
Use of a fodder cockleshell, both sea, and river, increases efficiency of agricultural birds and animals, improves quality of a shell and incubatory properties of eggs, promotes safety of young growth.
Thanks to easy digestibility the cockleshell fodder without side effects eliminates with organisms of birds and animals fragility of bones, violations of a calcic exchange, normalizes course in an organism of biochemical reactions.
The shell rock increases assimilation of a forage for 20% , promoting the maximum receiving by an organism of a bird of nutrients. Positive influence on formation of enzymes and hormones reduces risk of emergence of a hermaphroditism among young growth.
The sea fodder cockleshell acts as a gastrolit - substance which improves crushing, a mastication and assimilation of food a musky stomach decorative and poultry.
The minerals which are contained in a shell rock are balanced by the nature therefore contain all scale of zhiznennoneobkhodimy substances for health of a bird. Continuous use of a fodder cockleshell excludes probability of emergence of a softening of bones, rejection of a stomach, a rasklev of eggs and birds, metabolic disorders.
It is also worth telling and that in an organism of birds consumption of a shell rock therefore calcium and other minerals are completely acquired by a bird that is essential difference of a natural sea cockleshell from the mineral additives removed in the artificial way is genetically put.

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The cockleshell is sea fodder
The cockleshell is sea fodder
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