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The flooded screw chiller with water cooling buy in Astana
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The flooded screw chiller with water cooling

The flooded screw chiller with water cooling

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Kazakhstan, Astana
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandAUX
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • HeatingThere is

1. Special compressor

1. Uses the known brand of special semi-tight compressors with the double screw with an asymmetric arrangement of teeth 5:6 that increases efficiency of compression and

reduces noise level;

2. Smooth regulation of power in accuracy corresponds to the actual working conditions and allows to save more energy;

3. The camera of the bearing with low pressure with the patented design, is used for providing good conditions of greasing; and the two-axial bearing is strong;

4. The patented economic design is unique in screw

the compressor, it ensures highly effective functioning at partial loading;

5. The engine of big power has high efficiency, the integrated PTC sensor provides the general instant protection;

6. The high-precision air filter on an air input (25 microns) with a big area and small pressure difference provides the highest filtration and prevents damage of the engine because of pollution.

7. The high-precision 3-level oil filter with a big area and small pressure difference does not demand service or replacement during the usual work.

2. The flooded kozhukhotrubny heat exchanger

1. The special design of the kozhukhotrubny heat exchanger provides more uniform distribution of coolant and considerably increases efficiency of heat exchange, efficiency

increases by 15% and energy is saved substantially;

2. The special distributor of coolant provides distribution of temperature, doing it to more uniform in the heat exchanger. It

the general coefficient of heat exchange is 3 times more than the ordinary dry evaporator that provides transfer of heat with a small difference of temperature, increases the power of the device and coefficient

energy efficiency also reduces operation cost;

3. Technology of parallel connection, high coefficient of energy efficiency

The system regulates power at the exit according to the requirement for loading at partial loading, at this time the power of the heat exchanger remains the same, maximum coefficient of energy efficiency can reach 6,72 at the same temperature of cold water. Automatic control of balance of several compressors can adjust operating time of the compressor for extension of term of its service;

4. Reliable system of circulation of oil

Use of highly effective double technology of office of oil minimizes oil volume on a compressor discharge; Use of technology of return of oil of injection under high pressure provides reliable return of oil in all operating conditions.

5. Electronic broad valve plus opening

Electronic broad valve:

The electronic broad valve of the well-known brand is used, and the modern control system is applied exercises timely and exact control of volume

coolant supply also provides the most high efficiency of the device;

Opening: overlapping of an opening a compressor predotvrashchayetvakuumization also increases reliability of the device.

6. Touch screen, elegant appearance

The color touch LED screen from the menu in English. Can be displayed such information as "parameter setting" (installation of parameters) and "Failure Alarm" (The message on malfunction) that facilitates work with the screen.

7. Exact management, economy of energy and reliability

Thus, the blocked management between the device and the service equipment, such as the pump of the cooling water, the pump of water of the condenser and the cooling tower for ensuring high efficiency and safe work is reached; management of temperature of the let-out air is used. In comparison with usual management of liquid level, it is more reliable; it is possible to set the automatic and manual modes, it is very convenient for users;

PID-regulator: the device predicts the requirement of power according to fluctuation of water temperature, then operates operation of the compressor; it reacts quickly according to fluctuation of water temperature and reduces/raises loading for prevention of frequent switching off of frequent fluctuation of loading, saving energy and providing reliability.

8. Function of not destroyed black box

At any time the user can learn about parameters of operation of the device in the last hour from the information schedule that he facilitates diagnostics

malfunctions and service.

9. Multi-protection, security guarantee

There are 19 functions of protection providing completely reliable protection of the air conditioning system under non-standard conditions.

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The flooded screw chiller with water cooling
The flooded screw chiller with water cooling
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