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The GOOD-HIM wood preservative – DECOR 300 buy in Almaty
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The GOOD-HIM wood preservative – DECOR 300

The GOOD-HIM wood preservative – DECOR 300

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For external and internal works

Color: Cherry

Lessiruyushchy of antiseptics on a water basis is applied to coloring and long protection of the wood operated in rooms and in the open air. Biologically safe, antiseptics of the high getting action.


— it is easily put and quickly dries;

— protects and paints a product, at the same time wood "breathes";

— emphasizes texture and a natural smell of wood;

— thanks to an active complex of anti-septic tanks of new generation, provides long-term protection of a wooden surface against influence of bacteria, seaweed, fungi, insects;

— protects wood from atmospheric loading, slowing down influence of moisture and the sun.

Protection term — till 10 years

Consumption of ready solution - 1 l on 5-12 sq.m

Scope: The structure is applied to coloring of the planed and sawn wooden surfaces operated in the open air or in rooms: joiner's products, wooden windows and doors, garden furniture, eurolining, imitation of a bar, walls in rooms, facades of buildings, etc.

Recommendations about application:

The processed surface has to be dry and pure, without fungal defeats (blue, a mold), dirt, pitch, fatty pollution. From previously painted surface it is necessary to remove old paint. In the presence on wood of fungal defeats to remove them with bleach for GOOD-HIM DW400 wood. Before application carefully to mix. To put with a brush, the roller or an airbrush in 2 - 3 layers at a temperature not below + 5 °C.

After processing, it is necessary to protect the processed wood from hit of water and an atmospheric precipitation before full drying for 24 hours at a temperature 15-20ºС and relative humidity of air of 60%. Drawing the following layer is allowed in 12 hours.

Consumption of working solution:

  • Sawn wood: 1 liter on 5 — 7 m of kV
  • Planed wood: 1 liter on 10 - 12 sq.m.

The exact expense depends on properties of the painted surface and color of wood. When drawing dilution is allowed by water.

Security measures. To work in goggles, gloves, a respirator. At hit on skin or in eyes — to wash out a large amount of water. A danger class — IV ("maloopasno") in accordance with GOST 12.1.007

Storage and transportation. To store antiseptics in densely closed container separately from foodstuff. To protect from moisture. It Pozharo-vzryvo-bezopasen. When freezing and after defrosting the preparation does not lose the protective properties. Warranty period of storage 24 months

Structure: natural dye, insecticide, biocidal additives, water.

Packing: 1 liter, 5 and 10 l canister

The guaranteed period of storage of 36 months.

As it is correct to choose and buy wood stain for wood

Sunlight and moisture spoil wooden surfaces. Getting on wooden designs, the ultraviolet changes color of wood, decolours it, reduces efficiency of varnishes and paints. Raw by special means, the tree is subject to pernicious influence of a fungus, mold and insects. For ensuring safety of your materials, it is recommended to apply a protective preparation, in particular, of lessiruyushchiya of antiseptics. To buy wood stain, antiseptics or bleach for wood it is possible in any large construction supermarket. Let's understand what requires this or that means.

Lessiruyushchy of antiseptics price quality

Presently producers of industrial chemistry offer a set of various chemical means, varnishes, impregnations, anti-septic tanks which are urged to solve all problems connected with care of products from wood. For implementation of full complex protection, experts recommend to use bleaches of wood, antiseptics and the preparations providing fire - and bioprotection of wood, in particular, of lessiruyushchiya of antiseptics. It is worth buying these preparations for the wooden designs which are closely interacting with hostile environment - fire and moisture.

In the tinted look it is the best of all to apply lessiruyushchiya of antiseptics. The price of a product is small, and the advantage — is considerable. This means is necessary for protection of wood against UF-radiation.

Wood stain for a tree: properties and features of application.

For coloring of a surface of wooden products wood stain for a tree is irreplaceable. It is necessary to buy this means if usual coloring of a tree does not suit you.

Wood stain is a special means, soluble in water, used for wood coloring. As surface dye of wood in beautiful brown color, wood stain is also applied. The price of this means is small so you should not save on this means. Wood stain for a tree has no chemical effect on wood. It is worth buying wood stain for processing of wooden surfaces because of its qualitative differences from usual oil or other paints. Wood stain does not spoil, does not distort natural drawing of a tree, and opposite, shows it.

Modern materials for processing of wood are urged to protect it from atmospheric action effectively. To this purpose also serves wood stain. The price of a preparation is available, and the effect - is considerable. Experts recommend to ground and process means of protection a tree at an early stage of construction. Dye for these purposes is perfectly served by wood stain white. It is possible to buy means both for internal, and for external works. Before using wood stain, wood is recommended to be moistened slightly.

Wood stain for a tree gives rich texture, a contrast color and a plain surface. You can buy qualitative wood stain on the website of the company Gudkhim.

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The GOOD-HIM wood preservative – DECOR 300
The GOOD-HIM wood preservative – DECOR 300
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