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Use of railway transport for transportation of large volumes of production does not lose the relevance. However not always transport workers can provide a rolling stock in the corresponding technical condition and extent of cleaning, sufficient for the customer, of the previous freights. To ensure the guaranteed safety of production when transporting, today even more often apply the inserts in the gondola car made by the principle of big-beg of the polypropylene fabric possessing unique properties. Plasticity of soft containers gives the chance to use transport volume fully. When loading loose freights, the product takes the car form, blocking all possible cracks in its design and allowing its maximum filling. Dense fabric becomes at the same time reliable protection against undesirable contact of contents with walls and a bottom of the vehicle. Purity in it after unloading is in passing provided.

The constructive decision such the car of races gives the chance to carry out their loading by means of special conveyors, and to unload as fast as possible. Existence of the top valves allows to make careful packing that will reliably protect car contents from negative natural factors and aeration of loose freight during transportation. On each polypropylene insert the system of ties allowing to record a cover and preventing its shift at the movement of the car is provided in the gondola car. Thanks to such way of transportation it is possible to deliver without loss to destination production of agriculture, without resorting to use of grain-carriers. Preparation of the gondola car under loading can be carried out without attraction of additional equipment or special devices as insert weight in the open gondola car small, and in the put state its sizes are small. Couple of workers will easily cope with its installation in 10-15 minutes that allows solid economy of an idle time of a rolling stock. It is promoted also by lack of need of cleaning of the car after its unloading.

For depletion of transport in the traditional way it is rather simple to cut fabric over reception hatches and contents under a body weight will get enough sleep from the gondola car. In the presence of the equipment for capsizing of the car, the container remains whole and it can be reused. The models the car-begov equipped with special unloading valves which at the time of unloading open are exposed to secondary operation.


Products which are turned out by the AFGTrade company will help you to solve a set of the problems connected with transportation of large volumes of loose freights. We will give you an opportunity to transport goods perfectly safe, using our products. Application of the fulfilled technologies and the most qualitative materials guarantees production of the reliable container maintaining big operational loadings. Production (production) of inserts in the gondola car — one of key activities of our company, along with tailoring of other types of polypropylene production.

Ecological purity and harmlessness of the certified materials from which all production of AFGTrade is made allows to use these containers for transportation of foodstuff without restrictions. Fulfilled, they are easily utilized, without polluting environment. Standard models of soft containers which can be got according to the catalog of the company are developed. You can wholesale inserts in the gondola car having addressed directly our managers. They will consult you, will help with the choice, will tell about material, features of production and operation. In case of need and in the absence of suitable option in the offered assortment, we will quickly make production by the individual order: our price of inserts in the gondola car one of the lowest in the territory of Ukraine. We do not break terms and we deliver production precisely by agreement. All production of the company acquired by you will be delivered and shipped to the shortest possible time. Long-term experience allows us to give a guarantee for each unit of production which is offered for you by our company.

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The insert is carriage
The insert is carriage
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