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The line for roasting of a peanut in glaze buy in Astana
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The line for roasting of a peanut in glaze

The line for roasting of a peanut in glaze

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Kazakhstan, Astana
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandЭлеМаш
  • Country of manufactureKazakhstan
  • PurposeNuts

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The line of glazing and frying of a peanut in glaze releases popular many a delicacy - the crackling nutlets in a rice cover with drawing on a surface of ready-made products, fragrances and flavoring additives.

Technical characteristics:

Model of a zharochny bathtub VZHP-300 VZHP-500 VZHP-800
Productivity on frying to 300-t kg/h to 500-t kg/h to 800 kg/h
Operating mode continuous
Volume of a zharochny bathtub 300 liters 480 liters 650 liters
Working volume of oil 220 liters 350 liters 500 liters
Oil temperature to 250 °C
Supply voltage 3 phases of 380 V / 50 Hz
Rated capacity of the full line 50,6 kW 74 kW 94,8 kW
Rated capacity of frying 46,5 kW 68 kW 88 kW
Rated capacity of heating 45 kW 66 kW 85 kW
Working power after a warming up * 20-22kvt/hour 30-32 kW/hour 40-45 kW/hour
Line dimensions (D x Sh x V) 9,8х1,5х2,0 m. 11,6х1,6х2,0 m. 14х1,6х2,0 m.
Mass of the line to 1,6 tons to 2,1 tons to 2,5 tons
Service 1-2 persons 2-3 persons 2-3 persons

* a warming up after 15 - 30 minutes from inclusion

Description of a design:

The Zharochny line represents a set of five functional units adapted for work in the line.

1. The Glazirovochny line is intended for putting glaze on the pure previously fried peanut. Depending on productivity consists of several glazirovochny drums and the grouping taking-away conveyor. The Glazirovochny line of an osnashchyon automatic equipment for maintenance of level of a product in the dosing car.

2. The dosing car is intended for dispensing of preparations in the zharochny car. This car has a control system of the speed of giving of a product, the batcher, the accumulative and reception bunker, capacity for collecting a crumb.

3. The Zharochny car is intended for frying of a semi-finished product by method of immersion and transportation in hot oil with the subsequent release from oil and giving in a cooler. The basis of the car is made by the heated bathtub with the thermoisolating shirt, the system of switching of oil pipelines and the circulation pulser, the main and auxiliary conveyors manufactured of a corrosion-proof cloth with scaly protections. The car is equipped with system of feed by fresh oil and automatic equipment for adjustment of temperature and productivity.

4. The cooling conveyor is intended for fast cooling of products after frying and release from surplus of oil. Consists of several mesh conveyors and the bunker for reception of the flowing-down oil. Has system of regulation of speed.

5. The car for putting seasonings and aromas is intended for continuous dispensing on volume and drawings various additives on a product by method of continuous rotation with use of forces of gravitation. Consists of the batcher for seasonings with system of hashing and control of level, with the light and sound alarm system, a spreader of seasonings and the flowing drum mixer with a tray for unloading and system of transportation.

The line is made of food stainless steel.

The line of glazing and frying of a peanut copes from a uniform case of management. A set of adjustable parameters allow the operator to adjust the line on an optimum operating mode and to receive a high-quality product.

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The line for roasting of a peanut in glaze
The line for roasting of a peanut in glaze
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