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The pro-thinned-out and flat leaf of Metal Profile Plant LLP buy in Uralsk
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The pro-thinned-out and flat leaf of Metal Profile Plant LLP

The pro-thinned-out and flat leaf of Metal Profile Plant LLP

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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • PurposeRoof

The price of a professional flooring depends on quality and thickness of metal, technical parameters of a product and many other indicators.

Professional flooring – inexpensive, light and reliable material for low construction. Products of the Metal Profile Company are turned out on technology of cold hire, in assortment the professional flooring with a finishing polymeric covering or without it is presented. Material finds broad application when facing walls, facades, roofs, the device of street protections, a fixed timbering, partitions, fences in the homestead territory.

Production of a professional flooring is carried out according to norms of GOST 24045-94 and TU 5285-002-78099614-2008. We offer production of the standard sizes and materials made under the order:

  • length of standard sheets – 2,0/3,0 / 6,0 m;

  • length of sheets under the order – from 0,5 to 12 m

Leaf thickness, height of edges and distance between them depend on professional flooring type ( wall , roofing with a capillary flute, bearing).

Galvanized professional flooring

It is made from goryacheotsinkovanny holodnokatany steel. Instead of a protective and decorative polymeric covering the zinc 25-30 microns thick layer is applied on a surface. Galvanization reduces the cost of material and provides rather high level of protection of steel against corrosion at operation under the open sky. Depending on a professional flooring scope (construction of walls of warehouses and hangars, temporary partitions and stationary protections, the roof device) height of corrugations varies from 8 to 150 mm.

Professional flooring with a polymeric covering

Thanks to a decorative polymeric covering material perfectly is suitable for application in low construction and at construction of trade pavilions. The multilayered structure of a covering (galvanized steel, passivation, a primer, a polymeric covering of the face, a paint coat on a reverse side) provides the improved protection of a steel sheet against corrosion, chemically hostile environment and atmospheric actions.

Quality control on production

Production lines of each of our 15 plants are completely automated that allows to exclude influence of a human factor on qualitative characteristics of finished goods. We buy steel of the leading Russian and foreign producers, we use modern polymers and reliable techniques of quality control to offer you the material conforming to high technical requirements and standards of ecological safety.

Advantages of production

  • Service life of a galvanized professional flooring makes till 30 years, material with a polymeric protective and decorative covering will serve to you over 45 years.

  • Small specific weight of a leaf (from 3,9 to 24 kg depending on overall dimensions of material) increases the speed of installation of designs from a professional flooring, does more convenient warehousing and transportation of material.

  • At a thickness of sheet from 0,4 to 1,5 mm the professional flooring has the high mechanical durability and rigidity on a bend.

  • Work with material does not demand use of expensive tools, it can be cut and drilled in the course of laying.

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The pro-thinned-out and flat leaf of Metal Profile Plant LLP
The pro-thinned-out and flat leaf of Metal Profile Plant LLP
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