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The stationary ultrasonography scanner with 4D. All types of researches buy in Almaty
Buy The stationary ultrasonography scanner with 4D. All types of researches
The stationary ultrasonography scanner with 4D. All types of researches

The stationary ultrasonography scanner with 4D. All types of researches

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandZONCARE
  • Country of manufactureChina
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The digital stationary ultrasonography scanner with a color, power, pulse and constant doppler. Q7 of the company Zoncare, People's Republic of China

It is the newest development of the digital ultrasonic scanner with a color doppler.

Is optimum the decision for all clinical ultrasonic trials. The combination of technologies of optimization of quality of the image, broadband digital formation of a beam, dynamic focusing, a dynamic aperture in the real mode of time, a color doppler and many other things, does this scanner by excellent digital portable ultrasonic system and provides full ultrasonic diagnosing in the field of belly, cardiological, obstetric, gynecologic, urological researches, and also research of surface fabrics and adjacent peripheral vessels.

Types of researches:

4D Scanning in real time

General researches

Technology of adaptive optimization and elimination of patches of light of the image in researches of an abdominal cavity, small bodies and the general researches

Obstetrics and gynecology

A large number of obstetric tables, calculations for convex and vaginal sensors. Built - in calculations for gynecology.

Cardiological and constant doppler

Support of the mode of scanning with the phased lattice, providing cardiological researches at adults and children. Expanded cardiological package.

Vascular researches

Researches of vascular system in the linear mode: A color and power doppler, tripleksny, with correction of a corner and width of walls of a vessel, and also in the mode 2B - 4B for more detailed carrying out research.

Superficial researches of small bodies

High - quality carrying out research of small bodies, high optimization of the image. Built - in packages of calculations.

Muscle skeletal researches

following of muscular structure, peripheral vessels and lymph nodes.

Technical characteristics

- Scanning mode:

- Display mode:

Convex, linear, the mode of a doppler in the range of 2. 0 - 12. 0 MHz

B, 2B, 4B, M, B/M, 4D and ZOOM in real time.

- Types of a doppler:

- Duplex and tripleksny mode of display

pulse and wave

- Mode of a fabric harmonica

constant and wave

- Color power


- Technology of a phase matrix

the directed power

- The mode of expanded sector for all sensors

color Doppler mapping

- The trapeze mode for linear sensors

- Adjustment of the image:

- Focusing on radiation:

Strengthening In

Continuous dynamic focusing

Strengthening of M

- Focusing on reception:

Dynamic range

Continuous dynamic focusing

Control of clearness of edges

- Dynamic range:

Automatic quality of the image

0 - 110dB

Density of lines in a shot

- Depth of penetration of a beam:

Balance of sharpness and contrast

to 30 cm

Strengthening of a doppler

- The built - in connector, for four active sensors at the same time

Frequency of a doppler

- Color scale:

Correction of a corner

color image (24 bits) and black - and - white (256 shades)

Frequency of repetition of an impulse

- Automatic calculation and display in real time of results of Doppler measurements

Scanning depth

- Tags:

Display width (for linear sensors)


Orientation down, horizontals, rotation


Polarity of the image

Not less 38th tag

Correction of color scale

Not less than 400 phrases

- Digital formation of a beam with constant dynamic control of a convergence, aperture and apodization

- Display on the screen of all data of medical institution, the patient and like inspection

- Sensors broadband 2. 0 – 12. 0 MHz, multifrequency – 3(4), not less than 128 elements

- Display on the screen of all data connected with the image:

- Scanning not less than 256 digital lines with a speed up to 100 personnel/sec.

depth, frequency of shots, corner/width, scanning frequency, density of lines, increase

- Preservation, conclusion and press of results:

- The monitor with high resolution,

antiglare, 19 inches

- Installations:

The choice of the set parameters of inspection or formation of own 40 profiles

- Hard drive not less than 320 Gb

- General measurements:

- 4 USB

- 1 LAN

- 2 releases of video of a signal

- 1 RS - 232

- DICOM 3. 0 and software (option)

- Press:

In the mode – distance, the area, it is long circles, volume, a corner, the histogram

M the mode – distance, time, a heart beat rhythm, an inclination.

The mode of a doppler – acceleration, speed, the spectral analysis

Black - and - white video printer (in addition)

- Special measurements and calculations:

Laser or inkjet printer (in addition)

- The external LCD monitor on liquid crystals, 19 - 32 inches (option)

- Operating mode:


- Power consumption:

235 W

- Sizes:

Software package for calculation and

visualization of the obtained data in the area:

- Abdominal

- Cardiological

- Gynecologic

- Urological

- Research of vessels

910 mm x 660 mm x 1375 mm

- Network tension:

- Weight:

200 - 240B/50gts

68 kg

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The stationary ultrasonography scanner with 4D. All types of researches
The stationary ultrasonography scanner with 4D. All types of researches
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