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The stuffing is jelly buy in Almaty
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  • BrandBalikz
  • Country of manufactureKazakhstan
  • KindFruit

Description: The thermostable stuffing with the taste and aroma peculiar to a type of confiture, is used in baking and confectionery production as a stuffing for pies, puff products, rolls, cakes. It is steady against pastries and freezing.

Structure: granulated sugar, confectionery syrup, fruit puree to 30%, water, pectin (E440), lemon acid (E330), sorbate of potassium (E202), fragrances natural and identical natural, food dyes

Advantages: the thermostable stuffing, stable to pastries and freezing, has a long period of storage, can be developed with necessary amount of solids at the request of the client

Packing:  Gofrokorob - 10 kg (in aseptic bags from polymeric materials multilayered with further packing in gofrokorob).

Expiration date: 6 months in an original packing in the pure, dry, well ventilated rooms at a temperature from 0 to +25 With and relative humidity of air no more than 85%. It is dense to close a container after use.

Producer: Aziyaelitfudgroup LLP

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