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The thermal imager - inspection and diagnostics order in Almaty
Order The thermal imager - inspection and diagnostics
The thermal imager - inspection and diagnostics

The thermal imager - inspection and diagnostics

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Kazakhstan, Almaty
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Thermovision inspection

Thermovision inspection of buildings is one of the most advanced control methods of a condition of thermal insulation of buildings of different function. Thermovision control is diagnostics of objects in infrared area of a range with wavelength 8-14 microns on the basis of which thermograms of object - temperature cards of a surface are formed, on them dynamics of thermal processes and calculation of thermal streams is observed. Now this main direction of system of nondestructive control of a thermal condition of constructions and designs.

Thermovision control is one of the most effective methods of inspection of buildings and identification of the latent defects of thermal insulation and engineering communications now. It is a modern, convenient, evident and operational way to reveal the constructive violations allowed at construction, received as a result of misuse or in the course of natural aging of materials at influence of environment.

Price of inspection of low structures

Object Area, sq.m Cost, tenge
Apartment 10000
Country house / cottage to 150 50000
Country house / cottage from 150 to 300 100 000
Country house / cottage more than 300 Contractual
Transportation costs to 50 km from Almaty 4 000
Transportation costs to 100 km from Almaty 7 000
Transportation costs over 100 km from Almaty Contractual

Price of inspection of apartment houses, industrial facilities and office buildings

The land heated volume of buildings, m3 Cost, tenge
to 1 000 60 000
from 1 001 to 1 400 80 000
from 1 401 to 2 000 90 000
from 2001 to 3 000 110 000
from 3 001 to 5 000 150 000
from 5 001 to 10 000 180 000
from 10 001 to 20 000 250 000
over 20 000 10 tenges/m3

Price of inspection of engineering networks

Object Cost, tenge
Inspection of pipelines
Quality of isolation of pipelines in thermal points (houses) 15 000/piece.
Quality of thermal insulation of pipelines in technical rooms 1500/10 m
Quality of isolation of pipelines of thermal networks 100 000/km
Inspection of electric equipment
Electropanel board house 50 000
Distributive guard 10 000/piece.
Transformer substation from 50 000

Problems of thermovision inspection

By means of methods of thermovision inspection it is possible to solve the following problems:

to define in what places the house loses heat;

to establish the latent defects destroying the building from within, their arrangement and ways of elimination;

to choose the most effective methods of warming of the building;

to define places of leakages of a roof or pipes;

to find out a condition of a heater: uniformity of its laying, availability in it of condensate, degree of its wear;

to define damages to vapor barrier;

to define a condition of polyurethane foam in window and door seams, correctness of installation of windows and doors;

to check tightness of window double-glazed windows;

to establish the reason for the increased humidity or dryness of air indoors.

Equipment and methods of carrying out thermovision inspection

Apply different types of the equipment to carrying out thermovision monitoring:

The thermal imager - the device fixing distribution of thermal fields on surfaces of the surveyed objects. The device is equipped with a lens and the matrix, with high precision reacting to infrared radiation. As a result of shooting receive thermograms on which hot and cold zones are designated in the different flowers. On pictures it is possible to estimate objectively a difference of temperatures on a surface of object and to define places of leakage of heat.

The scanner of humidity of materials - defines indicators of humidity of various materials, differs in high sensitivity, is capable to define humidity of any material at a depth of 100 mm. It is possible to determine zones of emergence of condensate in rooms by the device. Use of the device in wooden houses is especially actual.

Thermohygrometer - the device determining temperature and humidity of air in rooms with its help count a dew point, take temperatures of surfaces.

Complex inspection with use of these devices gives the fullest picture of compliance of object to norms of thermal insulation of volume of heatlosses of the building or room in general.

Thermovision inspection of buildings

Inspection of inhabited and industrial facilities is carried out with the purpose to reveal the latent defects in thermal insulation of the protecting designs, to reveal the volume of heatlosses of the building in general and compliances of object to norms of thermal insulation, to define condensate availability indoors, to reveal degree of a contamination of heating system, its shortcomings and leakages.

By results of inspection the power passport of the building in which compliance of object to standards of thermal insulation taking into account all design features of the building is noted is formed. Here the settlement temperature of external and internal air, relative humidity of air in the building, difference between internal temperature in the placement and on surfaces of its external wall is specified (has to be higher than a dew point). The main indicator is the indicator of energy consumption on all heated area of the building for one heating season.

Thermovision inspection of apartments

It is possible to conduct thermovision examination both buildings in general, and the certain apartment (a country house, a cottage). This method of nondestructive control allows to define heatlosses of the protecting room designs, to reveal defects of walls, joints between panels, adjunctions of overlappings, violation of installation of window blocks at the increased heat conductivity of rooms. Besides, inspection allows to check a condition of heating system (its adjustment, contamination degree). Examination is conducted outside and indoors in a cold season. By results of inspection the detailed report with thermograms of the surveyed rooms and recommendations about elimination of violations of thermal insulation is formed.

Thermovision inspection of engineering networks and electric equipment

By method of thermovision control it is possible to carry out detection of defects and violation of thermal insulation of engineering networks and electric equipment. Thus it is possible to reveal violations of contact connections of systems of power supply, violation of thermal insulation of thermal points, thermal networks and pipelines, to reveal places of leakages in these networks. Also application of thermovision inspection allows to reveal defects of thermal insulation of boilers, chimneys, systems of ventilation and industrial electric equipment. By results the report with thermograms on which places of defects are allocated with color is formed.

Cost of thermovision inspection

During work on thermovision inspection of buildings the thermal imager special pictures (thermograms) of all elements - roofs, walls, the cellar, windows, building corners become. Thermograms are processed, and the conclusion about a condition of the building is formed, recommendations about elimination of violations of thermal insulation are issued. At determination of cost of inspection the following parameters are considered: purpose of the building (inhabited, production, etc.), volume and geometry, territorial arrangement of object.

To order full thermovision inspection of buildings, constructions, apartments, cottages, baths, engineering communications and electric equipment it is possible in the company. Call by phones to the company or use a feedback form on the website. After inspection you receive the detailed report with thermograms and the description of defects of thermal insulation of object. Besides, you can get advice on elimination of defects and warming of any objects. The appeal to our company will help to avoid vain heatlosses and to make your house warm and cozy at all seasons of the year.

Save on heating!

Definition of heatlosses by means of thermovision inspection and their competent elimination will allow you to save up to 60% on heating. As tariffs for energy resources considerably increase year by year, you will feel economy of money immediately.

Be aware what you pay for!

Thermovision inspection will not be superfluous and upon purchase of the house, a cottage. Thermovision inspection, in this case, will help to avoid "purchase of a pig in a poke". Just as upon purchase of the supported car you carry out diagnostics, and in case of acquisition of a country house or the apartment it is necessary to conduct thermovision examination for adoption of the competent decision.

Built the house - Check the contractor!

The market of country housing construction, now, strongly develops and among a set of offers it is often difficult to choose the standing offer. If you already build the house - check quality of works before signing of the act of acceptance! Especially actually thermovision inspection for frame houses. Thermovision inspection will unambiguously show places of leakages of heat, bridges of cold, the place of a flash of a heater and poor executed joints of walls, a roof and overlappings.

Specifics of thermovision inspection of cottages, individual housing:

Examination is conducted only in a cold season (at ambient temperature lower than 0�C) at the included system of heating. Necessary difference of temperatures between street and internal air not less than 20�C.

Shooting of an internal surface is OK carried out in full is not dependent on the place of manifestation of defect since the reason of defect can disappear on other site.

Stages of thermovision inspection, determination of defects OK:

Internal shooting, the most important stage since only at internal shooting is found more than 90% of the defects connected with violation of technology of construction of the house. Shooting is carried out not selectively, and each wall (except internal partitions), each window or a door since in one room one corner of m. with defect, and another is not present, from two windows in one room one double-glazed window with marriage, and another is not present or one of windows is established with violation of technology.

External shooting is necessary generally for detection of defects of facades and as a last resort defects of the warmed roof.

Processing of results, is made further computer processing of the received thermograms. After processing of thermograms on them places of defects, their qualitative and quantitative characteristics are clearly visible.

Creation of the report where the expert makes classification of defects, defines the reason of their emergence, and also makes recommendations about their elimination.

The thermovision examination of buildings and constructions conducted by the company is directed to identification of the following types of weak places:

insufficient level of an uteplennost of a design;

existence of defects of a bricklaying;

possible violation in junctions of elements of combined designs;

defects in overlappings of buildings;

leakages of heat through the glazed sites and window openings of a design;

places of a congestion of excess moisture

Full energy saving is impossible without identification and elimination of defects of construction.

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The thermal imager - inspection and diagnostics
The thermal imager - inspection and diagnostics
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