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The WILE-65 grain hygrometer on 19 cultures buy in Pavlodar
Buy The WILE-65 grain hygrometer on 19 cultures
The WILE-65 grain hygrometer on 19 cultures

The WILE-65 grain hygrometer on 19 cultures

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Technical characteristics
  • PurposeGrain products
The WILE-65 grain hygrometer on 19 cultures + possibility of amendment of distempers., the accumulator in to - those
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For what you need humidity meter of Wile 65 grain?

Basic purpose of the measuring instrument "Wile 65" &mdash - operating control of humidity of grain, oil-bearing and bean crops. It is possible to measure by the device humidity of the following cultures:

  • - - - wheat, rye, corn, barley, rice, buckwheat -
  • - - - colza, flax seeds, sunflower, oats, millet, ambercane -
  • - - - beans, peas, soya beans,
  • - - - mustard, wheat flour, rye flour, bran.

Small time of measurement (5 seconds) and small volume of the samples demanded for research (90 cubic cm) allow to do humidity measurements quickly and practically in any conditions. It is very convenient to use humidity meter of "Wile 65":

  • - - - during harvesting and its transportation -
  • - - - on current, elevator, the flour-grinding enterprises and other places of storage of grain.

Advantages of humidity meter of Wile 65 grain:

- - - Small sizes and weight. The device on dimensions (178 x 68 mm) is less than half-liter plastic bottle of water, besides in set there is convenient cover with shoulder belt. So it is easy to carry it with itself and to get at any time for operational measurements.
- - - The intuitive Russified menu. The measuring instrument is developed for a wide range of users and supplied with completely Russified, intuitively clear menu therefore to measure with it humidity very conveniently. Even the beginner will easily understand how to take measurements and to read out indications.
- - - Precisely measures humidity of 16 types of cultures. In memory of the device data on 16 types of grain, oil-bearing and bean crops are entered that allows to receive the most exact result of measurement according to features of each look.
- - - Memory on series of measurements + calculation of average value. When you do series of measurements, All of them remain in memory, and the device gives already ready average result of measurements which calculates automatically (average result even more precisely, than single measurements, especially, if it is necessary to check humidity of big consignment of grain).
- - - Manual calibration. If factory calibration does not suit you, can modify operation of the measuring instrument as it is necessary for you.
- - - At connection of the external thermal sensor can measure not only humidity, but also temperature, thereby providing the maximum control of condition of grain (the thermal sensor is not included in the package).

The humidity meter of Wile 65 grain is completed with convenient cover for carrying
How the hygrometer of Wile 65 grain works?

The method of measurement of humidity by means of the voltage of high frequency is the cornerstone of operation of the device. The studied sample of grain crops is scanned by alternating stress, its attenuation in sample depends on density and humidity. The device measures as far as voltage from initial value has decreased, and recalculates data on special formula which is individual for each grade grain. This method allows to measure humidity of grain and seeds ranging from 8 to 35% and oil-bearing crops from 5 to 25% during no more than 5 seconds.

For the highest precision in the device function of accounting of individual characteristics grain depending on grade is implemented. Memory of the Wile 65 measuring instrument contains data on the most widespread types of grain, oil-bearing and bean crops, only 16 grades.

Technical characteristics:

Humidity measurement range
  • grain and seeds: 8... 35%
  • oil-bearing crops: 5... 25%
Permission 0,1%
Humidity measurement error ±-0,5%
Range of measurement of temperature 0... +60 ° - With
Memory built-in
Battery type accumulator of 9 V
Measurement time no more than 5 seconds
Working temperature 0... +40 ° - With
Weight 800 g
Overall dimensions of the device 178 x 68 mm
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The WILE-65 grain hygrometer on 19 cultures
The WILE-65 grain hygrometer on 19 cultures
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