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The Zharochny furnace for roasting of sunflower seeds, nuts, a peanut, croutons buy in Astana
Buy The Zharochny furnace for roasting of sunflower seeds, nuts, a peanut, croutons
The Zharochny furnace for roasting of sunflower seeds, nuts, a peanut, croutons

The Zharochny furnace for roasting of sunflower seeds, nuts, a peanut, croutons

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Kazakhstan, Astana
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  • BrandЭлеМаш
  • Country of manufactureKazakhstan
  • PurposeNuts

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Zharochny L-100 furnaces are intended for roasting of sunflower seeds, nutlets, a peanut, soybeans and grain croutons. The furnace works by the principle of "heat chamber". Process of frying of a product happens on the conveyer belts moving in the thermoisolated tunnel with intermediate oversleeping and cooling after roasting.

Advantages of furnaces of the L-100 series:

  • Monolithic design. The furnace for frying of sunflower seeds, nuts unites in itself several functions which are carried out in other zharochny furnaces by separate units or work of the person: uniform, continuous dispensing of a crude product in the furnace; roasting with hashing of a product; continuous cooling of a product up to the temperature 35-ti-40-@ of degrees for the purpose of prevention of "internal burning of a product" or effect of inertial roasting.
  • The furnace for roasting of sunflower seeds guarantees high quality of a product. Well familiar to us since the childhood taste of the sunflower seeds fried houses on a frying pan or in an oven (10 years ago, the consumer had no on sale of the fried and industrially packed sunflower seeds and nutlets, market sellers had monopoly for this product or it was necessary to use "self-roasting"). It became possible thanks to use of massive, heatcapacious conveyer belts (thickness threw 3 mm.) and good convection in the furnace.
  • Low expenses of the electric power for frying of 1 kg of sunflower seeds (about 0,22 kW). It is caused by a high thermal capacity of conveyor tapes and other elements of the furnace.
  • The furnace for roasting of nuts has no mechanical impact on the fried product. During frying occurs from 3rd to 6 oversleeping of a product from the top tape on lower that at the same time replaces hashing process, but, on the other hand, protects a product from excessive splitting, friction and removal of a protective cover from the fruits peculiar to drum furnaces and furnaces with "the boiling layer".
  • High reliability and long service life of a basic element of the furnace - the conveyer belt. In the zharochny furnace the combined, lamellar conveyer belt with the drive, power chains of production Germany is used. Load of a rupture of such tape makes 3,5 tons, and service life at intensive operation reaches 6 years.
  • The furnace for frying of sunflower seeds is manufactured both with black, and with corrosion-proof tapes.
  • Low labor costs on service and operation of the furnace. During continuous work the constant control of operation of the furnace is not required. Work consists in continuous ensuring giving of a crude product in the loading bunker and control of continuous selection of the fried product from a vysypka zone.
  • Small noise level and vibrations published by the furnace. All units of the furnace for frying slowly and smoothly move, without creating background noise peculiar to other samples of furnaces.

Technical characteristics of furnaces

Parameters Model L-100 L-200 L-350 L-500
Productivity kg. / hour * 100-130 200-250 350-400 500-600
Number of zharochny tapes of piece. 2 2 4 4
Quantity of zharochny sections of piece. 3 5 4 6
Power of heating of kW. 25 45 70 100
Power of the drive of kW. 0,37 0,55 2 on 0,55 2 on 0,75
Power of fans of cooling of kW. 0,72 1,44 1,44 1,8
Dimensions (D x Sh x V) m 3.1 x 1.1 x 2.05 4.9 x 1.1 x 2.05 4.3 x 1.1 x 2.8 6.0 x 1.1 x 2.8
Mass (no more) kg. 750 1100 1550 1900
Power supply 3 phases 380B 50 of Hz.
Protection class IP 10
Service 1 person

* - productivity of furnaces for frying is given taking into account the minimum and maximum indicators crude sunflower seeds and depends on a number of features which can change depending on:

  1. Humidity of raw materials.
  2. Raw materials temperatures.
  3. Surrounding temperature and humidity in the working room.
  4. The required degree of readiness of the final product.
  5. Stability of tension in a power line.

The line consists of a frame, the zharochny camera, system of conveyors, the block of heating, the cooling conveyor, the block of the cooling fans, the control panel.

The principle of action is based on frying of a product in a zharochny chamber on continuously moving tapes of conveyors, upon termination of process the product is poured on the cooling conveyor where it is intensively cooled with the built-in fans.

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The Zharochny furnace for roasting of sunflower seeds, nuts, a peanut, croutons
The Zharochny furnace for roasting of sunflower seeds, nuts, a peanut, croutons
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