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Thermoforming machine of ML-C 5600 buy in Almaty
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Thermoforming machine of ML-C 5600

Thermoforming machine of ML-C 5600

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Technical characteristics
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Buy Termoformovochnaya the car ML - C 5600 you can here!

The thermoforming packing machine of ML - C 5600 is developed for averages and high production requirements. It is also designed taking into account criteria of WEBOMATIC CleanDesign.

Thanks to modular execution the car ML - C 5600 is easily integrated under special requirements of the client and into any packing processes.

5600 can work as ML - C with all types of the standard thermoformed and thermowelded soft and rigid films up to 560 mm wide.

Important characteristics

  • Widely applied WEBOMATIC CleanDesign technology allows to carry out a simple damp sink and to follow rules of everyday hygiene. All coverings and sheets of a covering easily are removed and facilitate an internal sink. All surfaces of the car have an inclined surface for a direct drain of water and distance among themselves not to allow a congestion of bacteria and various pollution.
  • The high - dynamic servo - driver provides exact transportation of a film. The high - quality frame design from stainless steel gives to the car additional stability.
  • The innovative system of lifting mechanisms with power short circuit rises and falls in a flash. And cranked and lever mechanisms from stainless steel provide pressure demanded for a zapayka and its uniform distribution at the fastest rise.

Technical characteristics

Drive the high - dynamic Mitsubishi servo - driver with electronic adjustment
Management PLK Mitsubishi FX with an option of remote diagnostics
Monitor the color touch Mitsubishi 12 screen with the USB socket of inches and high resolution
Way of molding compressed air, compressed air and vacuum, puansonny molding
Vacuum pump 100, 160, 250, 400, 630, 1000 m3/h, the vacuum pump of Ruts, under the order
Dimensions -
Length to 19500 mm
Width max. 1.290 mm (depending on film width)
Height 1.980 mm (± 35 mm)
Broach length 200–600 mm (400 mm also with heating)
Extract depth At most 130 mm
Packing material and productivity -
Lower film the thermoformed and thermowelded soft and rigid film, 322 - 562 mm wide
Top film the thermowelded soft film, for example, PA/PE, Tyvec
Packing productivity till 16 steps/min. (depending on equipment).



Aeration of MAP, incl. accumulative capacity from stainless steel on 10 l
The adjusted on height, clock taking - away conveyor
Vacuum assembly of scraps of a film
Management of a printing tag for the top film with lithograph
Circulating system of water cooling
Synchronization for automatic systems of filling
Stamps are sharp according to individual requirements of the client
Restriction of height of rise
Necessary zone of laying
Support of a product
Quoted and/or labeling devices

Special equipment

The direct and rotary device of work on industrial rolls of big diameter

For especially high - performance cars ML - C 5600 and APS ML 7100 we offer equipment with industrial rolls of big diameter. Cars work with film with a diameter up to 1.000 mm rolls. On the cart entering scope of supply which is ideally joined to car it is possible to move heavy rolls safely and simply. If shortage of the place or other cars at your enterprise do not allow to load rolls behind (fig. at the left), it is possible to choose loading sideways by means of the holder of a roll turned on 90 ° (the picture on the right).

In direct execution it is possible to replace almost spent roll with other roll automatically. It allows to load previously a new roll, increasing thereby even more efficiency of the car. It is also possible to unblock and take in this execution aside the left holder that it was possible to change easily rolls with a film even on small squares.

The roller conveyor adjusted on height

There is a possibility of setup of the roller conveyor on height in a zone of laying of thermoforming machines, namely by means of the lever. It is important to avoid sagging enough heavy products if they move on the formed lower film.

Strip stamps are sharp

High - quality and representative packing is distinguished, among other things, by pure, smooth edges. During the work with rigid films and the rounded edges there is a danger that the film will create small, but acute angles ("fishing hooks") after trimming.

They can be avoided, combining the strip device of cutting of a rolled film (fig. at the left) and stamps of strip cutting (fig. on the right). This equipment of a thermoforming machine can also carry out planimetric cutting of a dense lower film precisely on edge of packing.

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Thermoforming machine of ML-C 5600
Thermoforming machine of ML-C 5600
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