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Thermoshrinkable film of PVC (PVC)

Thermoshrinkable film of PVC (PVC)

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Films of PVC and POF

Polyvinylchloride (PVC) and polyolefin (POF) thermoshrinkable films - the special types of packing materials having general purpose, but, owing to distinction in properties, applied to different production requirements. Thermoshrinkable films of PVC and POF are almost universal packing materials - they are used by the enterprises and firms for packing of products of small volume. First of all, packing in materials of PVC and POF is the best decision for production perfumery, food, printing and other branches. ― groups or individually ― pack into the transparent, shrinking when heating films of PVC and POF boxes with candies, compact disks, semi-finished products and many other things.

Transparent thermoshrinkable PVC films have a semi-sleeve appearance, they give high shrinkage at smaller heating, reducing thereby wear and power consumption of the equipment. These packing materials are ideally suited for nonfood goods of small volume, the products packed into them are perfectly environmentproofed and have attractive appearance.

Among advantages of thermoshrinkable films of PVC are allocated with experts:

  • good gloss and high transparency;
  • the dense obtyagivaniye of goods providing the smaller volume of packing;
  • the high durability guaranteeing protection of goods against external influences;
  • possibility of packing by semi-automatic and automatic cars.

The polymeric films capable to be reduced under the influence of temperature exceeding polymer softening temperature are called thermoshrinkable. Receive such films stretching of polymeric material in a highly elastic heated state and the subsequent cooling.

In engineering practice to shrinkable it is accepted to carry the films possessing ability to give raised (to 50% and more) shrinkage and used for packing of various products.

PVC a thermoshrinkable film is kind PVC of packing films which special property is ability to be reduced under the influence of temperature and to take the form of the packed product. Films have excellent transparency and gloss that is reflected in presentableness of the packed product and increases its chances of increase of consumer demand. At the same time integrity of packing allows to protect the packed product from different influence during the transporting, storage and realization. From foodstuff most often pack vegetables, fruit, pizza, bread and bakery products, egg packing, boxes of chocolates, etc. into a thermoshrinkable film. From nonfoods ― toys, books, cards, cosmetic and toilet accessories, plastic products, audio-and videotapes, elite building materials, etc. Thermoshrinkable films with low extent of shrinkage are generally used for soft products, such as thin magazines, calendars, t-shirts, bed linen etc. Films with various shrinkage in the longitudinal and cross directions are necessary for packing of the products having the extended form - wall-paper, construction "lining", packages of fruit juice, advertizing tubes, etc. Advantages of PVC before thermoshrinkable polyolefin films is the possibility of production of films with adjustable shrinkage, smaller energy consumption when packing, property of structure of a film to change after shrinkage that rigidly fixes a product in packing without increase in time of shrinkage and at a smaller consumption of material on a unit of production.

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Thermoshrinkable film of PVC (PVC)
Thermoshrinkable film of PVC (PVC)
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