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TITRION" - series of automatic titrator,
differing as indicator system (titration method).
Titratora "TITRION" is supported by all known types of titration (acid - base, oxidation - reduction, osaditelny and compleximetric) and the main methods of titration (potentiometer, photometric, amperometric, conductometric, thermal).

Titratora of "TITRION" have the expanded list of the automated functions comparable to the best models of eminent foreign firms, support both modes of titration (to the set point and registration of curve) and provide full automation of all stages of titration, including dosing and calculation of volume of titrant, titration curve plotting, definition of point of equivalence and equivalent volume, and also calculation of concentration of the defined substance. For the purpose of the maximum automation the titrator can be understaffed with automatic feeder of tests.

Distinctiveness of titrator of "TITRION" is the weight method of calculation of volume of titrant providing high precision and reliability of results (it is known that gravimetry - direct method of the analysis which in most cases recognize arbitration). In the course of titration the titrant is continuously weighed by means of electronic scales, and volume of titrant is determined every portion by reduction of weight automatically.

The weight titrator of "TITRION" does not demand obligatory connection to the computer, titration process control, receiving and data processing, and also conclusion of the end results are carried out by directly measuring device. At desire it is possible to make data processing in the computer by means of the special free program. In this case all registered curve titration will remain in the database.

The maximum volume of titrant and discretization of dosing in titrator of "TITRION" depend on type of the used scales and can reach 400 ml and 0,001 ml respectively.

The weight titrator of "TITRION" significantly increases labor productivity at analytical titration. The operator is tired less, process of titration turns from monotonous tiresome work with sight tension into the work which is normally organized according to modern requirements.

The weight titrator of "TITRION" is delivered in the form of convenient monoblock. Scales, the managing Expert device, cell for titration with indicator system, the magnetic stirrer and the peristaltic pump are integrated into the uniform body. The analyzer of Expert - 001 liquid (Titrator automatic potentiometer "TITRION", Titrator automatic amperometric "TITRION"), the Expert - 002 conductometer (Titrator automatic conductometric "TITRION") or photometer "Expert - 003" (Titrator automatic photometric "TITRION") depending on the used titration method acts as the managing device.

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Titrator automatic Titrion
Titrator automatic Titrion
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