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Thermal container for transportation of vaccines of TM-4.

One of the most compact and easy thermal containers. Provides storage of a vaccine within 6-12 hours at a temperature from 25 to 43 °C. 3 hladoelement on 0,2 liters are included in the package (are filled with water and are frozen in a deep freeze of the buyer).


Maintenance instruction.

1. Prolog

1.1 Thermal containers medical figurative are intended for transportation and storage of donor blood and eritrotsitny weight, also blood substitutes and biological products.

Working temperature in a thermal container is kept by the regenerated hladoelement. The thermal container is made of expanded polystyrene in the form of a box with the handle for carrying and a cover. The external surface of a thermal container is protected by synthetic material.

2. Technical characteristics

The working (maintained) temperature +2 … +8 °C
Quantity of hladoelement 3 pieces (HE02 0,2 l)
The maximum time of establishment of temperature at an air temperature:
+20 °C … +30 °C – 20-30 minutes
+43 °C – 30 minutes
Time of maintenance of working temperature
at a temperature of air of +20 °C …. +30 °C
not less than 12 hours
Time of maintenance of working temperature
at a temperature of air up to 43 °C
not less than 6 hours
Volume of a loading cavity 3,5 l
The volume of a loading cavity with hladoelement 3 l
Overall dimensions (DKHSHKHV) 220х145х220 mm
Internal sizes (DKHSHKHV) 180х105х180 mm
Thickness of walls 20 mm
Weight no more (without hladoelement) 0,65 kg
Sizes of a hladoelement (DhShhV) 170x74x19 mm

Complete set:

the case with the handle for carrying 1 pieces.
thermal container cover 1 pieces.
hladoelement 3 pieces (on 0,2 l)
the stopper is polyethylene 3 pieces.
maintenance instruction 1 pieces.

3. Preparation for work.

3.1. The empty hladoelement to arrange an opening up, to fill with water to a jellied opening. To squeeze a finger hladoelement sidewalls on 3 mm and in the squeezed state to close an opening a polyethylene stopper against the stop. Water volume for hladoelement with a capacity of 0,2-0,18 l., for hladoelement with a capacity of 0,4-0,32 l. Further not to repeat this operation. In use not to touch a stopper!

To sustain a hladoelement within 8-12 hours at a temperature of-10 … -18 °C in a deep freeze of the household refrigerator.

4. Operating procedure

To place the prepared cooled hladelement in a working cavity, to close a cover, to sustain time of establishment of working temperature, to open a cover, to place preparations in a thermal container between hladoelement (at 0 … +8 °C – biological products, at +3 … +6 °C – donor blood).

The substances stored in a thermal container have to is in an original packing or in specially adapted capacity excluding its spontaneous opening. Glass packings with donor blood, eritrotsitny weight and blood substitutes have to be isolated from from a touch with a hladoelement soft material 1-2 mm thick (for example teplony, foam rubber, cotton wool, gauze napkins).

To close and record a cover, having pulled the handle or having clasped a cover.

Static and dynamic loads of external surfaces of a thermal container more than 3 kg are inadmissible. Preservation of biological products is guaranteed during time of maintenance of temperature according to item 2.

5. Possible malfunctions and their elimination.

At depressurization, the leak of a hladoelement needs to replace it spare.

6. Maintenance.

Upon termination of work with a thermal container to wipe a working cavity of a thermal container and a hladoelement with a dry napkin for removal of the condensed moisture and pollution. To disinfect, wipe a working cavity of a thermal container and hladoelement of 3% with solution of peroxide of hydrogen and 0,5% water solution of "Lotus" detergent, an external surface – chloroamine solution. In 5 minutes to repeat procedure.

7. Data on acceptance.

Thermal container medical portable TM9US correspond to TU9452-002-43166320-2003 specifications.

8. Guarantee certificates.

The MOKA manufacturer guarantees replacement of the thermal container which became useless within 24 months from the date of delivery on condition of observance of the recommendations stated in the maintenance instruction.

Warranty period of storage – 3 years at a temperature not above 50 °C.

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TM-4 thermal container
TM-4 thermal container
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