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Tray polymeric reniform 8-707-317-7517 buy in Astana

Tray polymeric reniform 8-707-317-7517

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  • Country of manufactureRussia

The tray polymeric reniform is intended for collecting biological liquids, carrying out bandagings and so forth. The tray polymeric reniform with a cover, the handle and a nose for Lppo - 1,75 plum - "ELAT" is intended for carrying out various medical manipulations in out - patient and clinical conditions: carrying out bandagings, punctures, collecting various biological liquids (urine, pleural liquid, blood). It is allowed to deliver in coordination with the consumer a tray without cover. The tray is made of the following types of materials: shock - resistant UPM - 0508 polystyrene, brand 01030 polypropylene, armlen TM software a 40 - 1m. lotok is steady against disinfection by a chemical method according to OST 42 - 21 - 2: 3% hydrogen peroxide solution in accordance with GOST 177 with addition of 0,5% of "Lotus" detergent in accordance with GOST 25644 or 1% of solution of chloroamine and other resolved means intended for disinfection of products of medical appointment.

The tray (gray - blue) made of material armlen by software of TM 40 - 1M maintains sterilization by a steam method on OST 42 - 21 - 2

(120 + 2 °C, vapor pressure of 1,1 kgfs/cm ², hold time of 45 min. ).

Technical characteristics:

Nominal capacity is 1750 ml

Overall dimensions no more than 318х217х80 mm

Weight not Bol of 420 g. The registration certificate No. FSR 2007/00130 of 25.05.2007.

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