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Ultrasonic device Alpha 6, ALOKA, YAPONIYA buy in Almaty
Buy Ultrasonic device Alpha 6, ALOKA, YAPONIYA
Ultrasonic device Alpha 6, ALOKA, YAPONIYA

Ultrasonic device Alpha 6, ALOKA, YAPONIYA

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ALPHA 6, Aloka – new generation of compact color ultrasonic system. ALPHA 6 provides unprecedented productivity in different scopes of application and usability.

 The Alpha series of the ALOKA company has good reputation in hospitals and medical institutions worldwide. Exclusive opportunities of the hi - tech Alpha series are implemented in this compact system providing excellent quality of the image and universality.

ALPHA 6 was developed for convenient operation – its ergonomic design considerably reduces an operational load of the user.

All system and its body are compact and silent in operation that minimizes inconveniences for patients when using this equipment.

The mechanism of regulation of the control panel on height serves for the choice of optimum position of the user that provides convenient operation and improves efficiency of research.

For satisfaction of requirements of society and preservation of environment we carefully control questions power - and resource - saving, processing and non - use of toxics.

By means of this compact, powerful system, we will provide high quality ultrasonic diagnostics for people around the world.



- standard: B, M, D, 2B, 4B, B + M, B + D, B + M + D 
- with a color doppler: 4B, M, B + B, B + M, B + D
- Doppler: PW (pulse and wave), HPRF (high - frequency), CW (constant and wave) (optionally), color, power, directed power, eFlow, fabric, color with high resolution
- triplex (B + Color + D)
- full 3D/4D (optionally) 
- FreeHand 3D by method of a free hand (optionally)
- The trigger mode with contrast (optionally)


- Electronic convex and mikrokonvny
- Electronic linear
- Electronic with the phased lattice 
- Pencil Doppler CW
- Volume convex and transvaginal
- Bee - planned transrectal
- Transezofagealny (TEE)
- Intraoperative, including laparoscopic with disinfection by full immersion 
- Biopsy
- Pediatric and for a neonatology
- Waterproof nozzles on the connector of sensors for disinfection by full immersion (option)


- DDD - the double dynamic screen - removal on the screen at the same time two moving V - images: one with color Doppler mapping, and the second – without it.
- eFlow - the improved color Doppler mapping - a highly sensitive method of display of a blood - groove with the permission improved space and temporary thanks to the expanded range of the transmitter and receiver, and also the reviewed method of processing of a signal.

- KI - the kinetic image (optionally) - improvement of display of the movement of walls of a myocardium
- A - SMA - the automatic segment analysis of the movement of a myocardium (optionally) - creation of histograms and calculations for the movement of a myocardium.
- eTracking - calculation of parameters of vessels (optionally), are calculated such parameters as the module of elasticity (Ep), parameter of rigidity (beta), a pliability of a vascular wall (AC), dot speed of pulse wave (PWV - beta) and an index of an increment (AI). This package allows to carry out early diagnostics of atherosclerosis

- WI - calculation of intensity of a wave (optionally). Heart and arterial system during the work exert mutual impact at each other by means of straight lines and reflected waves. WI - the calculations based on a hemodynamometry and speed of a blood - groove in the chosen point of circulator system is the new indicator of dynamics of a blood - groove which prolagat a way to the analysis of interference of heart and arterial system. The analysis includes the characteristic of compression and dilatation, impact assessment of the waves reflected from the periphery and the index connected with time.
- FMD - a technique a flow - the mediated dilatation (optionally) - effective neinvaziiny remedy of an assessment of function of an endothelium of vessels for early diagnostics of atherosclerosis. This technique makes the significant contribution to early detection of atherosclerosis. It is based on continuous measurement of diameter of a vessel - for this purpose the sensor is fixed by the special holder with the fixer.
- EFV - panoramic scanning (optionally), reconstruction of the image when moving the sensor along body - allows to broaden the field of research and to simplify statement of the diagnosis.
- TDI - fabric a doppler, display of the movement of fabrics in color. The choice between the "speeds" and "energy" modes.
- FAM - the anatomic M - mode (optionally), a possibility of the manual choice to 3 any sections in the M - mode, and also reconstruction of the M - picture from the kept sequence of images.

- A stress echo (optionally) - synchronization of an ECG with the ultrasonic image. Forming of reports with exercise and pharmacological stress.
- CHE - an operating mode with the ultrasonic contrasting substances (for example, left whist) (optionally). Improves display of capillaries and small vessels that allows to reveal oncological educations. The mode is possible on special sensors.
- FREEHAND 3D – three - dimensional reconstruction by method of a free hand
- AIP (optionally) – adaptive tkanespetsifichesky improvement of the image, suppression a speckle noise.
- Support of operational sensors (laparoscopic flexible, laparoscopic direct overview, intracherepny, T/I - shaped) 
- Automatic measurement of a complex of erotic media of a vessel of AutoIMT (option)
- Automatic measurement of the NT index (Nuchal Translucency) of okosholeyny space (fruit neck hypostasis) Auto NT (option) 
- Support of the STIC mode: Spatio - Temporal Image Correlation for research of heart of a fruit (option) 
- Adaptation of the image depending on sound speed in fabrics is available 
- Calculation of volumes in the 3D mode by trace of contours in three projections (option) 
- The mode of the slowed - down rewind for careful research of cardiac performance D. S. D.
- Protocol Assistant - function of programming of protocols and an order of carrying out research is added (saves time of the doctor) 
- Manual correction of the receiver under the speed of distribution of ultrasound in fabrics (over 20 steps of setup).

Archiving and storage of images:

- film memory for B, M, D, Flow, 3D,4D of the modes
- high - speed transfer of film memory on the hard drive 
- data storage in the JPEG, DICOM, AVI, TIFF, BMP formats 
- network 10 BASE/T and 100 BASE/TX
- storage of images on USB a flash cards 
- storage of images on CD - R/DVD - RAM (optionally) 
- connection in DICOM network (optionally)

Removal of physiological signals (option):

- An ECG with synchronization

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Ultrasonic device Alpha 6, ALOKA, YAPONIYA
Ultrasonic device Alpha 6, ALOKA, YAPONIYA
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