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S Series™ — the industry-first ultrasonic systems mounted on a wall which can be also established on a rack and are developed taking into account your requirements. Moreover, the S Series systems allow to optimize the image by means of only two elements of management: regulator of depth and regulator of strengthening. S SERIES SYSTEMS: FIELD ASSEMBLY of DELIVERY OF HEALTH CARE, FUJIFILM SonoSite, Inc. (USA) Created on the basis of technology of the fourth generation Turbo of the SonoSite company, the S Series systems is equipped with a full range of the hi-tech functions used in the advanced products of M-Turbo®. Our patent program algorithms provide automatic adjustment of S Series sensors for optimum work with any of configurations of system. The S Series system which is a standard of durability and reliability passed tests for resistance to shock loading, has the waterproof interface and is expected use in the most difficult working conditions. The TURBO S SERIES TECHNOLOGY FROM SONOSITEPremier Package (the additional software) allows to use the S Series systems with all sensors and to carry out researches of all types. 
Optimization on SonoADAPT fabric" relieves of difficult manipulations with a set of elements of management. 
The technology of visualization SonoHD™ provides decrease in level of granularity and other artifacts on the image at preservation and even increase of clearness of visualization of fabrics. 
The ColorHD™ technology provides improvement of quality of the color image, sensitivity and frequency of personnel that allows to obtain more diagnostic information. 
Multibeam scanning of SonoMB® allows to increase permission of images of minute structures and clearness of contours. 
Advanced visualization of a needle allows to improve visualization of a needle at preservation of exclusively quality visualization of a target and surrounding anatomical structures. Anesthesia — the S-Nerve system": safety and accuracy of carrying out conduction anesthesia — blockade of peripheral nerves of upper and lower extremities, spinal blockade / neuroaxial anesthesia; direct vision of installation of the central catheters. 
Intensive care and reanimation — the S-ICU system": the emergency diagnostics in the place of treatment of the patient, decrease in risk of development of complications when performing researches of heart and abdominal organs early diagnostics of a deep vein thrombosis, management of installation of catheters directly at the patient's bed. Urgent medicine — the S-FAST™ system: visualization of heart, abdominal organs and a small pelvis at diagnostics of medical emergencies, safe management of procedures of ensuring vascular access, etc. X-ray surgery — the S-Cath™ system: increase of level of patient safety thanks to direct vision of a biopsy and procedures of installation of catheters and stents, and also visualization of abdominal organs, heart and vessels. 
Researches of skeletal and muscular system — the S-MSK system": performance of diagnostic and intervention procedures, early recognition of an inflammation and other pathologies of joints, control of injections and procedures of aspiration. Obstetric and gynecologic researches — the S-Women's Health system": speed and reliability when determining localization of tumors and the centers of defeats; management of procedures of a biopsy, and also search of a suitable course of treatment for each patient. OVERVIEW of the MAIN of FUNCTION
  • Excellent quality of visualization
  • The equipment is tested for resistance to shock loading when falling from height of 91,4 cm
  • Waterproof user interface
  • Sensors can be used also during the work with the M-Turbo® system
  • Speed of start
  • Convenience of operation
Weight of system 2,7 kg (with the accumulator)
Sizes 35,8 x 20,8 x 5,8 cm (Dkh Vkh Sh)
Display the touch LCD screen with the diagonal of 21,3 cm / 8,4"
Start time less than 20 seconds
Architecture completely digital, broadband
Durability: The equipment is tested for resistance to shock loading when falling from height of 91,4 cm
  • 2D, TsDK, color power doppler, M-mode
  • Mode of fabric harmonics (THI), SonoADAPT", SonoMB®, SonoHD", technology of automatic adjustment of strengthening (algorithms)
  • Adjustment of depth, strengthening; scale (double increase, the block of panning and scaling in the freeze frame mode) SonoMB®, THI
  • Viewing of images — in the modes 2D, TsDK, a color power doppler, and also in the M-mode
  • Settings of optimization of the image — permission, the general optimization, penetration depth
  • TsDK module and color power doppler
  • Program SonoCalc® 1mtdlya component of measurement of thickness of a complex of erotic media of a carotid artery
  • 2 measurements of distance on a straight line — the instrument of measurement of thickness of a complex of erotic media of a carotid artery (CIMT) Obstetric calculations
  • Pictograms for research designation: researches of abdominal organs, vessels, gynecologic and obstetric researches, researches of small bodies, cardiological and neurologic researches, researches of superficial organs, measurement of CIMT, research of veins
  • Four options of an arrangement of the pictogram on the screen are provided
  • There are three libraries of ready text designations for each type of researches
  • There are edited libraries of text designations (with a total amount up to 90 designations)
  • Information about the patient: a name, a surname, a middle name, the patient's identifier, number of the patient assigned at receipt, date of birth, a floor, the user's initials, the name of establishment, indicators of a blood pressure and ChSS value when performing measurement of CIMT
  • Before export of data of the information about the patient it is possible to hide (in image "cap")
  • Format of video signal of NTSC or PAL
  • Support of an exchange of the DICOM® media files
  • Full video signal
  • 2 GB of the built-in non-volatile memory — 1800 images
  • Setup of export from personal computer/May
  • Export of images in the BMP, JPEG formats with personal computer/Mac on USB devices
  • The warning of exhaustion of a resource of memory at the free volume of internal memory less than 10%
  • Management of images DICOM storage, working list of modalities
  • Wireless transfer of images and other data of DICOM
  • The system can eat from the accumulator or the alternating current main
  • The recharged lithium - the ion accumulator, accumulator operating time — 2 hours
  • Alternating current main: the universal power adapter, 100-240 V of alternating current, 50/60 Hz on an entrance, the output voltage of a direct current is 15 V
  • MIS-D 75 (75 x 75 mm) and MIS-D 100 (100 x 100 mm)
  • Angular rack with a possibility of installation at an angle from 35 to 50 degrees from a horizontal
  • Case for transportation
  • Standard guarantee for a period of 5 flyings
  • Black-and-white video printer
  • USB keyboard
  • USB printer
  • Reader of bar codes
  • License key of the user on updating of the software of system — updating through USB port
  • Adjustment of height in the range from 78,7 to 109,2 cm concerning the center of the display
  • Possibility of storage of a bottle with gel or one-time packagings with gel
  • Basket (38,1 x 22,8 x 12,7 cm) for storage of accessories, a regiment for the keyboard
  • Devices for laying of cables
  • The power supply is integrated into a rack
SENSORS the Ultrasonic NanoMaxx® system is equipped with a wide range of sensors with a possibility of processing of a broadband signal which provide qualitative diagnostic images of high resolution when performing the most different researches — both for the purpose of statement of the clinical diagnosis, and for the purpose of control of invasive procedures. Thanks to availability of the waterproof cover providing convenience of cleaning and maintaining falling from height of 91,4 cm you can be sure that the NanoMaxx system will not bring you even in the most difficult situations and service conditions. The SonoSite company provides on the NanoMaxx system and its sensors the longest guarantee in the industry — for a period of 5 flyings.
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Ultrasonic device S-SERIES
Ultrasonic device S-SERIES
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