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Ultrasonic diagnostic device of the expert class KMP ExQ 6500 buy in Almaty
Buy Ultrasonic diagnostic device of the expert class KMP ExQ 6500
Ultrasonic diagnostic device of the expert class KMP ExQ 6500

Ultrasonic diagnostic device of the expert class KMP ExQ 6500

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The stationary ultrasonic diagnostic color KMP ExQ 6500 scanner is system for carrying out ultrasonic researches using technology 4D. In this model the advanced developments in the field of ultrasonic diagnostics allowing to use it for different types of the clinical analysis are joint. KMPExQ6500 is equipped with the high-quality display with high resolving power and a set of options for ultrasonic diagnostics of all body of the person. The modern technologies applied in operation of the scanner provide carrying out research with the maximum accuracy and comfort for the patient and the specialist. Intuitively clear management helps to master easily work with the device to the user who has no wide experience of the handling of similar devices. 

The system of ultrasonic diagnostics is controlled the software, the system of ultrasonic diagnostics uses completely digital architecture. The system can have different configurations, and the different combinations of characteristics used for receiving and display of the ultrasonic image in real time with high resolving power. The KMP ExQ 6500 system provides a full range of the quick-changeable, easy sensors covering all areas of research.


  • color deviation;
  • spectral bending around;
  • scaling (M-Zoom);
  • the modes of the b/w and color image on the display working at the same time;
  • the triplex mode in real time;
  • the image with a linear deviation;
  • decrease in granularity of a color flow;
  • the improved fabric harmonic.

Options of the ultrasonic scanner:

  • compound image;
  • panoramic image;
  • sonoelastografiya;
  • trapezoidal image;
  • adaptive decrease in granularity;
  • automatic M-mode;
  • 8-segment TGC adjustment;
  • THI fabric inverse harmonic;
  • SRT adjustment of the image;
  • the triplex mode, duplex mode;
  • 4D-image in real time;
  • The film loop V-mode — 1000 personnel;
  • formats of preservation of a film loop of AVI;
  • saving images in the BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG formats;
  • possibility of use of biopsy nozzles;
  • built-in ports: VideoOut, port for connection of the printer, RJ-45 NIC, VGA, FootSwitch, S-VideoOut.

Scanner scopes:

  • abdominal studies;
  • obstetrics;
  • gynecology;
  • urology;
  • researches of small bodies;
  • diagnostics of peripheral vessels;
  • cardiology;
  • orthopedics;
  • pediatrics.

Convenient and easy use is provided:

  • The LCD display with high resolution and with a diagonal of 17";
  • touch control panel 8,4";
  • sliding computer keyboard;
  • ergonomic design.

Control system:

  • hard drive of large volume;
  • built-in DVD-RW;
  • 2 USB ports;
  • 4 ports for connection of sensors;
  • Windows operating system.
  • Scanning modes: B, 2B, 4B, M, B/M, Zoom B, ColourFlow, PW, PowerDoppler, DirPowerDoppler, B+C, B+PW, B+CFM+PW, B+CPA+PW, B+CFM+CW, B+CPA+CW.

The possibility of scanning under ugoly 180 ° and up to 30 cm in depth is provided by sensors with frequencies in the range of 1,2 — 14 MHz:

  • convex; linear, transvaginal with wide the viewing angle phased with a wide strip of frequencies, TEE a probe, the compact volume sensor 4D.

Additional sensors for the ultrasonic KMP ExQ 6500 scanner:

  • 4D sensor (3.0/3.7/4.5/5.2/6.0MHz); sector cardiological sensor (1.7/2.0/2.5/3.3/4.0MHz); transvaginal sensor (4.0/5.0/6.0/7.0/9.0MHz); rectal sensor (4.0/4.7/5.5/6.2/7.0MHz); linear sensor (5.0/6.6/7.5/10.0/12.0MHz); microconvex sensor (4.0/4.7/5.5/6.2/7.0MHz); microconvex sensor (2.0/2.5/3.3/4.2/5.0MHz)


Following this hardware equipment and software of this system. 
Points with a badge * it is options. That is, to get these accessories, it is necessary optsialno


  • Standard configuration
  • Convex (abdominal cavity) high density multichastotnyyshirokopo-losny sensor
  • Linear (vessels) high density multifrequency broadband sensor


  • Linear (lymph) high density multifrequency broadband sensor ﹡
  • Linear (small bodies) high density multifrequency broadband sensor ﹡
  • Convex (pediatrics) high density multifrequency broadband sensor ﹡
  • Microconvex (intra vaginal) high density multifrequency broadband sensor ﹡
  • Linear (rectal) high density multifrequency broadband sensor ﹡
  • Microconvex (cardial) high density multichastotnyyshirokopo-lostny sensor ﹡
  • Microconvex (intraoperative) high density multifrequency broadband sensor ﹡
  • Volume sensor ﹡

Visualization modes:

  • In, 2B, 4B modes
  • Mode IN OIL, M-mode
  • Deviation in the V-mode (the linear sensor)
  • Fabric harmonious image (THI)
  • Color Doppler mapping (CFM)
  • Power dopler (CPA)
  • Color deviation
  • At the same time b/w and color modes of display
  • The directed power dopler
  • Pulse and wave dopler (PWD)
  • PWD deviation
  • Trapezoidal image / Expansion of an aperture
  • 3D/4D image *
  • Panoramic image *
  • Space compound image
  • Elastografiya *
  • Anatomic M-mode

Adjustment of parameters of the image:

  • V-mode: Strengthening, TGC (Adjustment of strengthening on depth), the number of focuses, focal length, smoothing, dynamic range, correlation of personnel, acoustic power, In the card gray, pseudo-coloring, automatic optimization and Zoom (scaling).
  • M-mode: M speed, M strengthening, M card gray, pseudo-coloring.
  • Color doppler and Color power dopler (CFM/CPA): color strengthening, Color correlation of personnel the color frequency, a threshold, the Median filter, smoothing, the filter, PRF (Frequency of repetition of an impulse), a range, the size of a window of the studied area.
  • Pulse and wave dopler: strengthening of a dopler, frequency of a dopler, filter, correction of a corner, PRF, basic line, pseudo-coloring, smoothing.
  • Functions of measurements, calculations and analysis:
  • General measurement:
  • 2D: distance, area, circle length, capacity and ellipse.
  • M-mode: distance, time and gradient.
  • Dopler: flow capacity, acceleration, average speed and automatic obvedeniye of a range.
  • Package of specialized measurements and calculations: for an abdominal cavity, obstetrics, ginekoligichesky, urological and cardiological researches, researches of small bodies and peripheral vessels, and orthopedics.

Management of files of the patient:

  • HDD, DVD (DVD-RW, CD-RW), USB of the equipment, kinopetlyasokhranen in the CINE/AVI format.
  • DICOM 3.0 archive ﹡
  • Supports the video printer and the USB printer.
  • Digital transmission of the image (Digital Image Transmission – DIT) *


  • Power supply voltage: alternating current 110 ± 11 V or 220 ± 22 Century.
  • Food frequency: 50 ± 1 Hz or 60 ± 1 Hz.
  • Introduction power: 500 watts in what the auxiliary power output is 200 watts.

Dimensions and weight:

  • Dimensions (Д×Ш×В): 760 mm × 530 mm × 1425 mm
  • Weight: 63 kg.
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Ultrasonic diagnostic device of the expert class KMP ExQ 6500
Ultrasonic diagnostic device of the expert class KMP ExQ 6500
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