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Ultrasonic diagnostic devices Philips, iE33 Intelligent Ech buy in Almaty

Ultrasonic diagnostic devices Philips, iE33 Intelligent Ech

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IE33 Intelligent Echo system (premium class)

Satisfies clinical requirements of diagnostics of the patients having heart diseases, for example heart failure and congenital defects of hearts.

Allows to achieve an unprecedented level of quality of the image, accuracy of quantitative measurements and clinical efficiency. The intellectual system of an ekhografiya iE33 is intended for satisfaction of the growing requirements thanks to a possibility of receiving two-dimensional and three-dimensional Live 3D of images and existence of tools of a quantitative assessment. Possibilities of system will help to answer the main questions concerning therapy of diseases of heart: structure, efficiency, size and function.


  1. The new PureWave xMATRIX X7-2 sensor for obtaining the three-dimensional image Live 3D at children.
  2. Extremely high quality of the image increases the accuracy of diagnostics and provides exact results of measurements and quantitative estimates.
  3. The PureWave Crystal technology provides considerably the best acoustic characteristics in comparison with traditional piezoelectric converters. It allows to achieve only quality of the image.
  4. The Live 3D Echo system of new generation for formation of the three-dimensional volume image in real time.
  5. Unique flexible tools two-dimensional and three a measured quantitative assessment facilitate diagnostics of heart diseases, quickly submitting the reproduced and exact data.
  6. The innovative user interface, the automated research optimization, flexible data management and the improved capacity.
  7. Possibility of connection to a control system of information of Philips Xcelera.
  8. The ergonomic design is a basis for almost ideal conditions of scanning and comfort of the user and the patient.


  • Echocardiography of adults and children,
  • Stress echocardiography,
  • Researches of vessels (peripheral, cerebral and vascular,
  • intra cranial Doppler and abdominal vascular),
  • Chrespishchevodny echocardiography (adult and children's),
  • Contrast echocardiography (definition of blackout of the left ventricle (LVO),
  • low and high values of a mechanical index (MI)),
  • Intraoperative application,
  • Epikardialny echocardiography.

The software in Russian.

Monitor: color liquid crystal, diagonal is 17 inches, permission of 1280х1024 pixels.

Scanning modes:

  1. 2D - the mode (including with use of a fabric harmonica);
  2. M-mode (including color);
  3. mode of color, high-speed color and power doppler sonography;
  4. mode of a continuous and wave doppperografiya;
  5. the mode of pulse and wave doppler sonography with duplex and tripleksny options;
  6. the mode of high-frequency fabric doppler sonography (TDI) with automatic quantitative shortchanging, including when carrying out chrespishchevodny EhoKG
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