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Universal dumpling machine HLT-700XL

Universal dumpling machine HLT-700XL

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Products : Universal dumpling machine HLT - 700XL buy wholesale price from manufacturer in Russia

Description: The dumpling machine has four independent adjustable drives, which ensures the production of a large assortment of dough products with various fillings.

There is no need to roll out the dough. Well - mixed dough and filling are loaded into the dumpling machine. When the dumpling machine is turned on, the necessary product immediately begins to form, either dumplings, or dumplings, or other product options, such as: khinkali, spring rolls, samsa, noodles.

The device is equipped with a unique dough cooling system based on a refrigeration unit. This avoids heating of the dough shell during prolonged operation and significantly improves the taste of the product.

By changing modules, you can produce a variety of products, for example: dumplings, frying dumplings, pies, spring rolls, samsa, noodles, ravioli, pies, etc. The use of doughs of different structure provides a wide range of products. The water content in the dough can vary from 30% to 50% . The water in the dough can be hot, warm, cold, which makes the shell more tender.

After steaming or boiling, the dumplings will be lighter. The fat content added to the crumbly dough can be up to 20% - the shell will be crisper after frying. It is possible to shape products with filling in the form of granules or pieces in the form of cubes. Any filling can be: potato, meat, cottage cheese, apple, cheese, etc. By changing the forming module of the dumpling machine, you can produce products in the shape of a triangle, circle, or square. The thickness of the dough and the amount of filling can be changed. Performance is adjustable.

The components of the apparatus for the production of dumplings and other types of products produced on it, which are in direct contact with food, are made of stainless steel.

Parts in contact with the dough are coated with Teflon for easy cleaning.

  • Overall dimensions: 1150 x 570 x 1700 mm
  • Power supply: 220 / 380V, 50 / 60Hz, 1 phase / 3 phases; 1.5 kW
  • Power supply: 220 / 380V, 50 / 60Hz, 1 phase / 3 phases; 1.5 kW
Products and services Weight (g) Length (cm) Width (cm)
Production - st, (pcs / hour) 
Dumplings, dumplings in the shape of a crescent or "Shell" 2 - 25 4.0 - 8.0 2.0 - 3.9 12,000 - 20,000
Self - made dumplings 11 - 14 2.5 - 3 2.5 - 3 9,000 - 10,000
Pies, dumplings for frying 28 - 35 10.0 - 12.5 3.5 6 300
Samsa 18 - 100 6.5 - 12.0 5.0 - 8.5 7,000 - 12,000
Ravioli 5 - 20 Diameter 3 - 6.5 Diameter 3 - 6.5 9,000 - 16,000
Spring rolls 50 - 75 8 - 12.5 3 - 4 7,000 - 8,400
Khinkali 20 - 70 Diameter 2.5 - 6 Diameter 2.5 - 6 9,000 - 16,000
Chebureks 18 - 100 6.5 - 12.0 5.0 - 8.5 7,000 - 12,000
Noodles Round, square and hollow 420 kg / hour


The HLT - 700XL model dumpling machine has the following advantages


  • It is possible to use a softer, wetter dough with a higher fat content.
  • On analogs, tough dough.
  • Smooth separate speed control of all knots (up to tenths):
  • Adjustment of the ratio of dough and filling, the ability to select the required thickness of the dough.
  • The presence of a reversible auger in the place of dough sampling eliminates difficulties with dough feeding. The dough can be thrown in pieces, no pushing by hand is required.
  • The presence of an autonomous cooling system for the dough sleeve instead of the running water cooling system used on other types of equipment:
  • Independent of the temperature of the running water, it is not required to drain the water into the sewer system. No water consumption.
  • The presence of a variable - speed screw - blower at the filling station allows using a wider range of fillings: denser minced meat and fillings with a lower water content, which excludes cracking of the shell of products during shock freezing,
  • The gear pump of the HLT - 700XL allows you to use loose (crumbly) filling in pieces up to 10 mm. . . . The filling is not injured and does not change the structure.
  • The high - quality special Teflon coating of the forming drum minimizes flour dusting, which is a great advantage for further automatic filling of finished products.
  • Perfectly defined contours of products, as well as 100% adhesion of edges of products due to the use of softer dough, significantly increases the consumer quality of the product.
  • The size of the whole filling can be up to 10 mm.
  • The minimum weight of dumplings is 5 grams, the maximum weight of the product is 100 grams.
  • The software that allows you to create programs for various types of products, speeds up and facilitates the setup of the machine for the production of dumplings and eliminates rejects when switching from one type of product to another, as well as at the initial start of the machine.

Additional advantages of the HLT - 700XL dumpling machine

  • HLT - 700XL can work with any fillings, for example: mashed potatoes (regular without adding water), curd with raisins, chopped cabbage, minced meat with pieces of bacon up to 10 mm. , liquid minced meat, dry dense minced meat, whole Hortex cherries.
  • An increase in the filling feed rate allows to proportionally increase the rotation speed of the forming drum and the dough feeding screw, which increases productivity by about 1.3 - 1.5 times compared to the HLT - 700 apparatus.
  • The gear pump completely eliminates the airing of minced meat and other fillings.
  • Separate regulation of the speed of the filling screw and the gear pump.

Modules for the HLT 700 XL dumpling machine:

  • Khinkal module EA 100K
  • module "Delicious dumplings"
  • module "Shell"
  • module "Cheburek"


Payment terms : 100% prepayment, partial payment is possible

Terms of delivery: EXW, other terms of delivery are also possible

Company : Ural Upak Engineering

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Universal dumpling machine HLT-700XL
Universal dumpling machine HLT-700XL
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