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Utilization of medical and biological waste order in Shymkent
Order Utilization of medical and biological waste
Utilization of medical and biological waste

Utilization of medical and biological waste

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Kazakhstan, Shymkent
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Unfortunately, in our country 90% of waste are exposed to burial on polygons though it is connected with transportation costs and alienation of big territories. Besides, polygons often do not conform to elementary sanitary and hygienic requirements and are secondary sources of environmental pollution. But if still it is possible to get rid of the majority of waste rather safely by deposition, then some of their types, for example, medical waste, are subject to obligatory processing. They considerably differ from other waste and require special attention. In them the danger to the person caused first of all by continuous availability in their structure of causative agents of different infectious diseases, toxic is covered, and it is frequent also radioactive materials. Besides survival duration in such waste of pathogenic microorganisms is rather big. So, for example, if 1 g of household waste contains 0,1-1 billion. microorganisms, in medical this number increases up to 200-300 billion. At the same time it is necessary to consider that the quantity of the waste "made" by medical institutions tends to intensive growth, and owing to increase in the nomenclature of the applied means - also to variability of structure. All treatment-and-prophylactic establishments (TAPE), regardless of their profile and berth power as a result of the activity form waste, different on fractional structure and degree of danger, therefore in each of them the system of collecting, temporary storage, processing and transportation of waste should be organized. The problem of utilization of medical waste draws more and more close attention to itself. In 1979. The World Health Organization (WHO) has carried waste of the medical sphere to group of especially dangerous and has indicated the need creations of specialized services on their destruction and processing. The Basel convention in 1992. has allocated 45 types of dangerous wastes which list opens clinical wastes. By 2005 in the world, according to the generalized data, them about 1,8 billion tons have collected already that makes about 300 kg on each inhabitant of the planet.
Special danger is constituted by injection needles and syringes as improper handling with them after application can lead to a reuse.
The fact that medical waste should be exposed to processing is not subject to doubt. But how? The problem is aggravated with lack of organizational and financial support. Ecologists consider that it is a problem of physicians, physicians have no corresponding infrastructure and financing. The solution of local tasks in specific MPIs can become an exit from this situation.
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Utilization of medical and biological waste
Utilization of medical and biological waste
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