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Varnish of BT-577 (Kuzbasslak)

Varnish of BT-577 (Kuzbasslak)

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandСаған Colour
  • Country of manufactureKazakhstan

Name: BT-577 varnish

Type: Bituminous varnish

Application: The varnish is intended for protection of surfaces of metal designs and products in construction, mechanical engineering and other industries at their short storage and transportation, and also for production of aluminum paint.

Description: bitumen solution in organic solvents with introduction of the synthetic modifying additives and a sikkativa.

 Technical characteristics:

Names of the characteristic


Appearance of a product

Glossy, uniform, the shade is not normalized

Impact strength on the VZ-4 viscometer at 20 ± 0,5 °C

18. 35

Mass fraction of nonvolatile substances, %

39 ± 2

Time of drying of a film to degree 3 at 20 ± 0,5 °C, no more, than a h


Time of drying of a film to degree 3 at 100. 110 °C, no more, than a h


Film hardness on the pendular M-3 device, st. of unit, not less


Bend of a film, mm, not less


Resistance of a film to effect of water at 20 ± 2 °C, not less


Resistance of a film to action 3-oho solution of hydrochloric acid (Naclpri 20 ± 2 °C, not less


Mass fraction of moisture


Thinner: white spirit, solvent, turpentine or mix of the specified solvents

Cleaning of the tool: solvents white spirit, solvent, turpentine or their mix

Preparation of a surface: The surface intended for coloring needs to be degreased, cleared of the exfoliated paint, dirt and products of corrosion. It is put on surfaces from ferrous metals without preliminary priming. 

Ways of drawing: apply on a surface with a brush, a kraskoraspylitel, filling or an okunaniye

Conditions when drawing: Before the use the varnish should be mixed carefully, if necessary to dilute solventy or Whyte - a spiritist. Time of full drying 24 hours at a temperature + 20OC. An expense when coloring in one layer of 100-200 ml on sq.m.

Precautionary measures:

  • When carrying out painting works, and also after their termination it is necessary to air the room carefully.
  • To apply rubber gloves to protection of hands against a varnish of BT-577.
  • The varnish of BT-577 is stored in densely closed container, far from devices of heating, electric devices, foodstuff, in the places inaccessible for children, protected from moisture and direct sunshine.
  • To protect from fire!


Storage:  The varnish of BT-577 has to be stored in hermetically closed container, in the room intended for storage of flammable materials at a temperature from minus 20 °C to plus 30 °C.

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Varnish of BT-577 (Kuzbasslak)
Varnish of BT-577 (Kuzbasslak)
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