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Veeder-Root TLS 2 level gage

Veeder-Root TLS 2 level gage

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System - for commercial - the account - fuel stocks with simple management with use of the touch screen


Automatic control of fuel stocks

The compact and inexpensive TLS 2 system offers operators of gas station all necessary for management of fuel stocks. Continuous monitoring of stocks (including data on weight), the automatic alarm system of level in tanks and intuitively clear management allow to simplify control of fuel stocks and to exclude uncertainty factors. Thanks to the simple screen menu with touch management you will have key parameters and data on gas station literally near at hand.


Data on fuel stocks

Detailed information on fuel stocks in all tanks is graphically represented on the TLS 2 display. Additional menus on Deliveries, Emergency Signals, Installation of parameters and the Environment are readily available from the main menu. The fuels given on 10 last deliveries remain in the updated memory that simplifies their coordination.


Local interfaces

The possibility of data transmission is provided with three built - in communication ports. They allow to realize local interfaces with a control system, the portable display of the fuel truck driver and the consecutive printer. Optional GSM modems and land telephone communication supplement possibilities of system with means of remote monitoring of TLS 2.


Remote monitoring

Use of Inform™, the software for remote monitoring, allows to operate several gas stations from the central checkpoint. TLS 2 can be programmed on automatic transfer of warning and emergency signals at their emergence, notifying on the situations demanding acceptance of urgent measures, for example, at the low level of fuel or penetration of water.

Remote diagnostics also promotes reduction of time and depreciation of works on service of system.


Detection of leaks

When using with the probes Mag 1 or Mag 2 the system can hold the high - precision testing of tanks for leaks corresponding the EPA standards approved in the USA. Testing can be carried out on demand or in the programmed mode with the set frequency.



TLS 2 is suitable for various objects of storage of fuel, and not just for gas stations. Actually any object of storage of hydrocarbonic fuel or the liquefied oil gas can use the TLS 2 system with potential benefit for itself.


TLS 2 it:

  • the effective and exact control system of fuel stocks and ecological safety -
  • direct measurement of density of oil products -
  • the programmable alarm system -
  • the design checked in practice providing safe and simple adjustment and installation -
  • high - precision testings of tanks according to the EPA - standards
  • programming and management via the display with Touch - screen technology.

The TLS 2 system controls up to six magnetostriction probes Mag 1 and Mag - 2 series 8473 and 8493 or a combination from that and others. The separate probe is necessary for each controlled tank. Magnetostriction probes are the high - precision and reliable devices compatible to many types of fuel.


Possibilities of system

  • control to 6 tanks -
  • connection of sensors is not provided -
  • 3 communication ports -
  • the interface for connection to a control system of gas station -
  • static control of tanks -
  • self - diagnostics of system -
  • possibility of connection of the external printer -
  • the graphic VGA display with Touch - Screen - technology
  • 1 relay exit -
  • conclusion of the visual and sound alarm system -
  • unchangeable configuration of the console.


Control of fuel stocks

  • detailed reports on fuel stocks, including data on density and weight -
  • detection of commercial water -
  • temperature compensation -
  • the precautionary and alarm system controlling a condition of tanks -
  • reports on intake of fuel, maintaining history of arrivals -
  • maintaining history of accidents and preventions -
  • programmable time of automatic creation of reports -
  • the warning of approach by the minimum rest -
  • information on fuel stocks is available at the request of the operator or through a control system of gas station.


Definition of leaks in tanks

  • static control of leaks (US EPA is certified) at fuel consumption from 0,38 to 0,76 l/h when using the probes Mag 1 and Mag 2 -
  • the choice of range of testing -
  • the programmable schedule of automatic tests -
  • the full or simplified test of the tank -
  • check of reliability of the test for leaks -
  • indicators: It is passed, - reduced, the Mistake, It is invalid.


Alarm system

The precautionary and alarm system reacts to the following situations in tanks

  • leak -
  • overflow -
  • high level of a product -
  • high level of water -
  • low level of a product -
  • restrictions of the programmable alarm system.

Exchange of information

  • serial port with the RS - 232 - interface
  • 1 serial port with the switched RS - 232/RS - 485 - interface
  • 1 parallel port for connection of the external printer (the printer is delivered separately) -
  • possibility of connection of the external modem (usual or GSM).

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Veeder-Root TLS 2 level gage
Veeder-Root TLS 2 level gage
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