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Video screen (video sign) light-emitting diode

Video screen (video sign) light-emitting diode

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Video screen (video sign) light-emitting diode


If you need video signs, you can buy them in our company. We guarantee that we will provide you the qualitative advertizing video of a board conforming to the Kazakhstan and European standards. We appreciate the clients therefore you can buy video of a sign from us at the cost which will be favorable to both you, and us. We understand that today low cost is the only thing that can attract the buyer therefore we do everything possible to hold the price tag at that level when it is attractive to the potential client, but still allows us to gain income. Similar approach comes true, and already several years we not only stay afloat, but also we expand the client base.
LED VIDEOEKRAN will help you to attract a great number of clients, to be distinguished from all competitors. This non-standard way of demonstration - pays off in only a few months therefore the VIDEO SCREEN should be bought the businessman regardless of the direction of its business. VIDEO SCREENS can be created with the different permission that allows to use them and in large halls, and in small rooms.
We receive materials for assembly directly from manufacturer which already managed to show the conscientious approach and interest in good reputation during cooperation. Thanks to such deliveries we can assemble devices of any sizes and forms, without being limited only to standard square. If at you the available place is for some reason non-standard, then nothing terrible, we will manufacture for you such screen which will precisely be located to the place allocated to it. The price of the VIDEO SCREEN (VIDEO SIGN) is individual since the cost of production pays off for each case depending on complexity of works and the sizes. The VIDEO SCREEN (VIDEO SIGN) is necessary? Video signs, and their sale are our fad! Address, and we by all means will find for you something that completely will approach under your needs!

According to marketing specialists of 85% of passersby will notice dynamic and shining information, and billboards attract 10%.
Various settings of panels allow to select the most suitable signals for involvement of buyers and to vary them.
Energy is consumed very economically!
Round-the-clock visibility of outdoor advertizing.
At the same time brightness of advertizing object many times surpasses outdated decisions in the form of posters and crookedly stuck announcements on columns!
Change of the selling content takes no more than 5 minutes of work of one employee!


For the choice of the optimum size it is necessary to consider the following:
VIDEOEKRANA installation site;
range of a running line from the audience;
information message.


Sale of information VIDEOEKRANOV (VIDEO SIGNS), "running lines" and other similar devices — are very popular. Therefore to find the company which is engaged in it in Almaty is very easily. However it is worth understanding that light-emitting diodes are not a bulb of Ilyich, and many times more difficult and hi-tech subject. Because of it many firms not absolutely understand, than trade, and sate the market with low-quality goods. On a good full-color LED board cost is rather high, but each spent tenge will be a guarantor of quality. At such operating time the device will absolutely pay off, and here collected it is unknown whom the hand-made article can "fuse" in few hours. In it, by the way, the reason of initial mistrust of people to light-emitting diodes is covered. The lighting elements produced in the handicraft method flooded the market, and all who tried them, were disappointed for long time. Only when there was a qualitative alternative, the "soiled" reputation managed to be cleared somehow.
The price of LED video of a board on average same, as well as on other objects of illuminated signs. At the equal sizes it can be slightly more, but this difference is not so notable, especially considering that already in the short term there is a decrease in expenditure for the electric power and lack of expenses on replacement of lighting elements. Unless the producer, the full-color LED display will estimate more expensively, from own thirst of a profit is the only real explanation for the high prices of similar devices.

Overall dimensions;
Individual wishes of the Customer.

After registration of the order, assembly, testing and personal control take 4-6 days. We will deliver any VIDEOEKRAN (VIDEO SIGN) free of charge across Almaty. If you order from us installation, you are exempted from excess labor costs. And also your VIDEOEKRAN (VIDEO SIGN) will be guaranteed established correctly. If necessary we will manufacture any fasteners.


You can make the order with installation of Almaty or Almaty region. Installation of signs in other regions of Kazakhstan makes a reservation individually and depends on project scale.
The price of installation light-emitting diode VIDEOEKRANOV (VIDEO SIGNS) depends on many parameters:
the board LED size on the microcontroller;
fastening height;
way fastening;
need for special equipment;
need for laying of cables of food and management.
For determination of cost of services in installation of production, it is necessary to send the photo of the place of fastening to an e-mail address: with the indication of the size. At emergence of difficulties our experts will arrive to measurement and an assessment of technical capability of installation - is ABSOLUTELY FREE!
Pay attention that the cost of a product depends generally on quality of accessories, stability of their work and reliability of assembly. Remember that at the low cost it is impossible to guarantee quality of a finished product. But you need to choose!


Control can be exercised in several ways. In a standard complete set one of two ways of management. It is according to your desire possible to buy electronic boards with two ways of management.
Through an USB flash card
In the program the roller becomes and registers in an USB flash the card which is inserted into the switched-on VIDEO SCREEN (VIDEO SIGN). New information is rewritten and remains. The USB flash the card is taken.
On the wire Internet: LAN RG45 cable (no more than 100 m)
Connection to the computer far off on the Internet. In the program the roller becomes and the send button is pressed. The roller on a sign is automatically updated.
Through Wi-Fi
The board creates the WI-FI network to which the computer is connected. In the program the roller becomes and the send button is pressed. The roller on a sign is automatically updated.
Through Wi-Fi Internet POP
The controller with a possibility of Internet access is installed and receives the protected protocol IP address ROR. The file is created in the program, and by means of access to Interenet is transferred to the remote device.
Through the courier
In the program the commercial becomes and registers in the program. The courier delivers the file to the VIDEO SCREEN (VIDEO SIGN) and by means of connection of the RG45 cable establishes the file. (service is paid!).


Creation of the video for light-emitting diode video of a sign and its control — a crucial task for effective use. In its decision it is necessary to consider a set of trifles: the roller duration, intensity of change of shots, readability of inscriptions, duration of display of the text and a delay between slides. To create high-quality and effective advertizing for LED video of a board independently often can be difficult, a video board it is necessary to be able to operate and adapt. We will make it for you free of charge! On all production at us a guarantee 2 years and free shipping.
Load the sign for super sales!

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Video screen (video sign) light-emitting diode
Video screen (video sign) light-emitting diode
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