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Warming by ecocotton wool

Warming by ecocotton wool

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Ecocotton wool – thermal insulation of new generation
Construction of houses often is associated with receiving cozy, warm and reliable housing. The type of the applied heater exerts decisive impact on satisfaction of these requirements. Today ecocotton wool – an environmentally friendly heater on the basis of wood fiber – cellulose – forces out mineral-cotton heaters in Europe more and more. It is applied as heat-insulating material more than 60 years. In 2006 in Finland, for example, every third cottage house is built with use of ecocotton wool. 

Ecocotton wool represents the friable, very light heat-insulating material consisting for 81% of the processed cellulose for 12% from fire-retarding agent – boric acid and for 7% from antiseptics – drills. Ecocotton wool does not ignite even at 1300 degrees while polyfoam melts and burns at 70 degrees. Antiseptic processing protects it and the isolated designs from putrefactive bacteria. At last, this material allows the building "to breathe" because it – natural. It does not emit any harmful substances to the environment thanks to what received definition – ecologically safe.
The ecocotton wool layer in 15 cm on the heat-shielding qualities is equivalent 50 cm of a wooden bar or 146 cm of a bricklaying. Warming of attics of this material requires 50 times less on weight, than expanded clay which is now applied (load of building constructions respectively decreases). Ecocotton wool and its laying are twice cheaper than expanded clay or glass wool. Presumable service life given not less than 50 years.
That in ecocotton wool the most important
At low heat conductivity (0,036-0,041 W / (mk)) ecocotton wool has ability to connect in fibers and to give moisture (to breathe), without changing heat-insulating properties, as well as whole wood. It gives to material a thermal lag effect, property to keep the saved-up heat or a cool. Besides, ability to aspiration of moisture for 30% increases total thermal resistance and provides a microclimate, optimum for health, in a structure. Sorbirovaniye (absorption) of moisture ecocotton wool in fibers, but not condensation on a surface as at mineral heaters, fixes a problem of "dew point" and protects from frost penetration. For these properties the knowing people still give preference to houses from whole wood, standing inconveniences which it brings (burns, warps, decays, it is sharpened by insects and rodents). Ecocotton wool at preservation of the main advantages of wood is completely deprived of these shortcomings. Figuratively, ecocotton wool is the log "sorted" on small fuzzes. Each fuzz is processed by boric minerals and then, on the building site, the sorted log can be collected again, warmer, nonflammable, never changing the form, and the form at the same time can be any and be limited only to imagination of the architect and elements of the warmed design. However, new wood loses the bearing ability, but in the most progressive and economic construction technologies the bearing ability from such good heater and is not required.
Air permeability
Air permeability of ecocotton wool is small. This property is based on two lines of wood fiber.
l the Small size of fibers effectively slows down the movement of air.
l as a result of changes of relative humidity of air humidity drops out on the top layer of ecocotton wool and its fiber stick together among themselves, forming a thin bumagovidny crust which effectively prevents penetration of a stream of air in a heater.
At a dry way of drawing ecocotton wool is not subject to caking and shrinkage. As ecocotton wool is applied on the protected surface with a continuous carpet, excepting existence of cracks, bridges of cold, a leaky prileganiye and other defects.
Fire engineering properties
l Fire resistance of ecocotton wool is reached thanks to addition in it drills and boric acid which are in a heater in the form of salts.
l Fire-resistant additives influence as follows:
– operate burning reaction so that the minimum quantity of combustible components as a result turns out, and only carbon generally is born;
– have the moistening ability.

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Warming by ecocotton wool
Warming by ecocotton wool
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