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Warming of a penthouse to a pp order in Almaty
Order Warming of a penthouse to a pp
Warming of a penthouse to a pp

Warming of a penthouse to a pp

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Kazakhstan, Almaty
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Warming of PPU of a roof, penthouse, attics

The roof is the most sensitive part of a structure, after all warm air easier cold and lasts up. Warming of a roof is a difficult task with which only experts can cope. Correctly made thermal insulation instantly leads to considerable decrease in heatlosses and formation of a cozy microclimate in the dwelling.

Advantages of warming of a roof by PPU dusting method:
- there is no need for dismantle of an old roof;
- PPU differs in the smallest coefficient of heat conductivity that allows to reduce heater thickness (PPU replaces 150 mm of mineral wool);
- special preparation of a surface of a roof is not necessary;
- PPU possesses a high rate of adhesion almost to all building materials;
- just flows round a surface of various forms and bends;
- fills cracks and defects, forms an equal covering without seams and joints;
- a high speed of works (to 300 sq.m a day). Thanks to PPU it is possible to warm a roof with internal and from outer side. When putting polyurethane foam on an external surface of a roof it is necessary to protect a covering from a sunlight. Such protection is guaranteed by specially created uretanovy mastic. This covering will give to a roof resistance to ultraviolet rays, an additional waterproofing and will increase operation term. It is also necessary to consider the loadings arising on a covering (the people moving on a roof and the big mass of snow). Warming of a roof by method of a dusting of PPU gives the chance to avoid formation of icicles and frostings. So, it is quite enough to warm a roof a layer in 30-50 mm to reduce or at all to get rid of these seasonal phenomena. The inhabited penthouse, an attic need bigger attention at the choice of a heater, efficiency of its work and at installation of thermal insulation. The penthouse very well contacts to the street and often difficult geometry. When working on warming of a penthouse mistakes, at first sight small, but over time which lead to not productive work of a heater, its partial violation, a result - full or partial replacement of thermal insulation of a roof are often resolved. Unfortunately, it is frequent all works on warming fall to zero, because of a large number of mistakes in the course of the device of a heat-insulation layer, and also wrong choice of a look and thickness of a heater. Except thermal insulation, formation of comfortable conditions on a penthouse, requires a package of measures for vapor barrier. Vapor barrier of a penthouse is necessary for protection of a roof against condensate which is formed on inside of a roofing covering. Over time emergence of condensate leads to destruction of a roof. In addition, daily wet and dripping penthouse ceiling will not increase your mood in any way. As a result, if to calculate the volume of heat-insulating material, additional materials for isolation, fixing material and surely high-quality work, then it turns out that polyurethane foam is cheaper than other heaters.

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Warming of a penthouse to a pp
Warming of a penthouse to a pp
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