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Warming of floors

Warming of floors

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On a share of floors in any rooms, and in particular about 15 percent of losses of heat from the size of total amount of thermal losses of the room are the share of a share of those that are located on concrete soil or other, initially cold surfaces!

Equipping high-quality warming of floors of Almaty, besides reduction of losses of heat, it is possible to increase considerably comfort in rooms in general, having reduced negative impact by health of living. How important elimination of losses of heat in premises is today, shows that even in large metal hangars and non-residential premises pay to this factor special attention!

For these reasons our company offers fast and a kachestvennoyeutepleniye of floors of Almaty polyurethane foam at the high professional level. We possess necessary experience and the equipment in carrying out such works allowing to examine a structure from the point of view of the professional, to define a real condition of a situation and the amount of heatlosses. The team of experts will provide you calculations for elimination of shortcomings and will carry out all works, having brought to naught losses of heat.

What we offer first of all.

Beginning warming of floors of Almaty, it is necessary to take into account essential loading from furniture, household appliances and directly from people. These factors impose the following requirements to a heater of floors:

  • High mechanical durability of material (lack of deformations and the strengthened durability when pressing).
  • The low heat conductivity allowing to apply a thin layer of a heater.
  • The small weight providing the minimum loadings the base and designs.
  • Resistance to adverse effects of any sort (moisture, rodents, wreckers, bacteria, mold, fungi).

The best results of warming are achieved at construction of the new building, but even at regular repair and reconstruction of the room warming of floors of Almaty will yeild tangible results at the first frosts. In unanimous opinion of our clients, at considerable reduction of an expense of heat carriers (electricity, gas, water), comfort level significantly increased. And the speech goes not only about financial economy here, but also, what is more important, about considerable improvement of a state of health of all family members.

Heater polyurethane foam.

The polyurethane foam applied with method of a layer-by-layer dusting possesses a number of advantages. So it is possible to level temperature condition indoors "having adjusted" PPU layer thickness, having created, thus, the microclimate in each certain room. For example, in a corridor there is a descent in cold fell - here a layer of thermal insulation a little thicker, and under other rooms - it is a little less.

Here some advantages of PPU:

  • This material paroustoychiv, negoryuch, is moisture resistant.
  • PPU will not pass and will not attract rodents, insects, a mold and microorganisms.
  • Low heat conductivity provides high efficiency.
  • Warming of floors of Almaty polyurethane foam creates a seamless surface, filling all cracks and seams, thereby increasing service life and operation of a covering, creating protection against harmful effects.
  • Uniform distribution of heat and lack of bridges of cold.
  • Floor or fell, the warmed PPU, will not demand further a waterproofing layer.

Thanks to technology of dispersion our team of experts for one shift will be able to cover with thermal insulation several hundreds of square meters of the room which, after half an hour after drawing the last layer of material it is possible to subject to final processing by plaster, paint or any other types of finishing.

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Warming of floors
Warming of floors
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