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Warming of hangars order in Almaty
Order Warming of hangars
Warming of hangars

Warming of hangars

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Kazakhstan, Almaty
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The device a hydra and thermal insulations of wall protections, roofs of buildings putting polyurethane foam of various density from two-component materials installation of firm Gasmer (the E-10 reactor - the multicomponent batcher).
Polyurethane foam is steady against decomposition and rotting. Service life of 10-15 years without covering, till 50 years with a covering from ultraviolet rays. When drawing on facades, also does not demand fixture and fills all emptiness and cracks, interferes with formation of drafts. Unlike glass wool it does not napityvatsya by moisture and does not sink under a body weight over time. Polyurethane foam is chemically resistant to influence of sea water, vegetable oils, fats, benzene, kerosene and can be used where other heaters lose the properties, is ecologically safe.
Warming by polyurethane foam does not demand fixture as it has excellent adhesion practically to all types of a surface.
At the request of the customer the covering can be any density.

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Warming of hangars
Warming of hangars
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